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Page added on October 25, 2012

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Keeping Peak Oil Reality In Mind # 16: Not Enough

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An observation worth noting … and pondering, from Chris Nelder.

Declining availability and increasing competition for the remaining fossil fuels will make it progressively more difficult to manufacture, transport, and install renewables and efficiency improvements. Within 25 years, the world could lose 25 percent or more of its oil supply, and nearly all of its available net exports. Any interruptions in oil supply will have immediate and far-reaching effects on our globalized world of resource production and manufacturing, and cause systemic dependencies to break down.

So what’s the benefit of insisting on a balls-to-the-wall strategy of drill, baby, drill—producing just a bit more of an increasingly inadequate and more expensive resource—while relegating any and every other reasonable alternative to waiting in the hallway, funding themselves from whatever scraps are left after the Big Money actors have fed at the trough?

Can we expect these “leaders”—so full of themselves now with their great wealth and power—to own up and assume responsibility for their mind-numbingly selfish, short-term, screw you strategies today? What can we expect from them in the years to come to help out everyone else not so blessed? How are we going to explain this narrow-minded, shortsighted denial nonsense to our children?

At what other time in this nation’s history have so many relied so thoroughly for so much important guidance on what can charitably be described (at best, and I’m being very charitable) as a pile of half-truths? It’s become the standard MO for one group of politicians and media sycophants—facts be damned—but should we really be rewarding anyone for “success” gained dishonorably? If you lie, mislead, or cheat to win anything, is that such a good thing now?

Is that the new message to our children, our athletes, our students, our significant others, our businesses? Seriously? Consequence-free living would be great, I suppose, but that’s not happening here.

Who will we turn to for answers and options when there is that much less of the very resource we will need to transition away from that ever-declining and ever-more-expensive resource? What will we do? What will we be able to do? The admission that “we really should have been working on this for years” won’t be much of a consolation.

I’m sensing a potential problem or two. Are you? When would be a good time to start having intelligent conversations about the facts and reality?

Peak Oil Matters

6 Comments on "Keeping Peak Oil Reality In Mind # 16: Not Enough"

  1. GregT on Thu, 25th Oct 2012 4:49 pm 

    As long as our media and governments are controlled by the same corporations who have vested interests in misleading the public, it will be very difficult to have any degree of intelligent discussion.

    According to many recent oil industry estimates, we have less than 40 years of proven reserves, at present rates of consumption. I seriously doubt that we will only lose 25% within 25 years. Unless, of course, the remaining 75% will stay in the ground due to economic depression and global chaos.

  2. luapsimpson on Thu, 25th Oct 2012 7:24 pm 

    I`m no expert but from what I can gather they are going to frack the hell out of every inch of land, destroy most of Alberta polluting the lands and water supplies. Probably killing many thousands of people(lawyers at the ready).. so we can all sit in miles of traffic jams….the time for change was years ago..we used to have Trams for transportation,then we got rid of them in favour of the car,now we are bringing them back in at massive costs(this is Manchester, England by the way)OIL IS AN ADDITION..IT CAN NO LONGER CREATE GROWTH..WHAT CAN IT CREATE..DEATH..WAR..GREED.

  3. Kenz300 on Thu, 25th Oct 2012 8:45 pm 

    The oil and coal industries are the backbone of the Republican party. They will do all they can to delay or shut down any competition from alternatives. They have a semi monopoly on energy production and want to keep it that way. A monopoly is only good for the monopoly and not good for the consumer. The more choice and more competition we have the better. We need to diversify our energy sources and types. Having all your eggs in one energy basket is risky.

  4. Gale Whitaker on Fri, 26th Oct 2012 12:50 am 

    Since the oil underground actually belongs to we citizens we should nationalize it like most other countries have done. Its obvious that government bureaucrats are incompetent so they will screw up the recovery process (like Mexico’s PMEX) and thus the remaining oil supplies will last a great deal longer. We could use the oil profits for rebuilding our infrastructure. We could make it illegal to drive a personal car to work and force everyone to ride buses powered by electricity. While riding on the bus we could chat with each other and make friends. I’m sorry we can’t do any of these things because Carl Rove says these are manifestation of a nanny state. Oh well why not pump all the oil out of the ground in a hurry and then we can learn to shop and Goodwill and eat pinto beans.

  5. BillT on Fri, 26th Oct 2012 3:01 am 

    GREED killed homo sapiens, pure GREED.

    No, we will not change until forced by circumstances to do so. Never have in the thousands of years of our history so why expect it now. We are no more mature as a species than we were 2,000 years ago. Maybe even less so.

    And since we are being controlled by mega corporations like GE (take a minute to look at this site for a list of their tentacles*) we will not see the wall until we hit it.


    This is why we are not doing anything. We have been, and are constantly being, brainwashed by propaganda to maintain the illusion that we are doing fine and pursuing the “American Dream”.

  6. poaecdotcom on Fri, 26th Oct 2012 5:20 am 

    Great post, chilling in its assessment of the times…..

    “What will we do? What will we be able to do? The admission that “we really should have been working on this for years” won’t be much of a consolation.”

    I think it is important to take a breath and focus on what we CAN do.

    Start with yourself, your family and then your local community. POWER DOWN NOW and weave resilience into every fabric of your lives.

    GO Local!!

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