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Page added on December 8, 2018

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I’m Burned Out On Collapse And I Bet You Are Too

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The Hidden Psychological Toll of Living Through a Time of Fracture


It was around Thanksgiving that I noticed that all I wanted to do was sleep. And it wasn’t the leftover turkey. My mind felt bruised to a livid purple welt. Just thinking felt — disturbingly — painful. My bones felt as weary as dust. And that fine dust seemed to cover everything, leaving my world cloudy, hazy, foggy, slow-motion, indistinct. The dust sang sweet lullabies of slumber.

Just sleep, it would murmur, please, let yourself rest, doesn’t it feel sweet. So one part of me would plead with another for sleep, for rest, over and over again. The other part, annoyed and alarmed in equal measure by such self-indulgence, such laziness, replied sternly: you’ve slept plenty long enough today! And commanded me to sternly to leap up, write, work, meet, discuss, talk, go, do — like everything was fine, normal, pretty good.

(Now, one of the strange things about the sunlight being able to kill you is that you come to know yourself pretty well. You listen to your internal signs and signals, the movements and pulses of the strange and unknowable thing called a body, its rivers and oceans, its beats and murmurs. And yet I couldn’t pin down just why I felt so tired. So sleepy. So utterly exhausted. Lethargic, drained, done, like all those rivers and oceans had turned to deserts and parched earth.)

By about a week later, I was a walking zombie. I’d toss and turn at night, then leap out of bed, groaning with frustration, and pace from the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom and back again. Wait — wasn’t I worn out? So why was sleep eluding me? Then I’d sleepwalk through the day. I’d sleepwrite through my daily essays (forgive me for all the recent typos, now you know why.) I’d wake up, and — snap! — my mind would go numb. It would simply shut itself down. Every cell, feeling, sensation in my body seemed to want was to hibernate blackly through the darkness of a white winter.

It took me a week or so to put my finger on it. I don’t have a particularly stressful life. Or do I? I rouse myself, go have coffee, write, do my little consulting projects, coach a few people here and there. It’s pretty low-key. I can’t manage much more, to tell you the truth. There’s a reason none of the storybook vampires ever have nine to five jobs. And yet nobody who can’t sleep, can’t think, feels so inexplicably tired all the time can tell you they’re not feeling some kind of acute, systemic stress. So what the blazes was it that was stressing me out?

So I confessed to my friends Tucker, Elena, and James. Weirdly, they were all feeling more or less the same way, they admitted reluctantly, when I pressed them a little. Sleepless — but restless. Exhausted — but wide awake. Sleepwalking through the day. Worn out, drained, wrecked. Minds numb. Fatigued and stunned — all at the same time. What the hell was wrong with all of us? Was there something in the drinking water in London, New York, Paris, and San Francisco? And then it hit me.

I was burned out on collapse. And so were they. Our lives might not be particularly stressful in some kind of narrow personal sense — but they’d become profoundly, severely distressed in what you might call a psychosocial one. Living through an age of fracture and decline — if not outright shattering collapse: it’s an exhausting, soul-crushing thing.

I’m burned out on collapse — and I’d bet you are too. It’s not easy living in a time like this. It sucks the life out of you, drains you, changes you. Just being there. Just watching it all go down. Just going on to fight through another day. That’s the truth. Give yourself a round of applause. You deserve it. Cry a little tear for yourself. You deserve that, too. You’ve been tested — in a difficult, deep, and painful way. But let’s think about what all those emotions really mean.

Now, I won’t give you the usual rigmarole. You know: get-off-the-internet-and-practice-self-care. I think all this cuts a little deeper than that. I’ll simply talk you through what I noticed in myself, and you can judge for yourself if it applies to you, too. You can be honest — nobody’s listening but you. (And let me say emphatically that isn’t a plea for pity, though it’s always nice to know that you care about me. It’s just a little reflection, that I thought I’d share with you, about the psychological price of living in an age of collapse.)

The first thing that I noticed, if I looked at myself, was that almost the instant I woke up, my mind was shutting itself down. Snap! It was like it decided, all by itself, to operate at a quarter speed. I’d struggle for words, to make decisions, and so forth. Any good psychologist would probably have noted that this was a kind of protective measure — a defense mechanism, kicking into high gear. Technically, several at once: denial, compartmentalization, possibly regression, maybe even a little bit of dissocation. But from what? Such a sudden, intense defensive posture tells us that a mind is under acute pressure, tension, conflict. It prefers the bliss of ignorance to the anxieties of a dreaded reality. Snap! Shutdown.

In the case of you and I, I think the cause of that tension, that pressure, that conflict, is pretty easy to understand. Who wants to wake up and read the news? Who wants to pore over the grim headlines anymore? We say casually that they’re full of bad news. But the truth is a little tougher to bear. To constantly read a litany of things like your society’s broken, the planet’s melting down, the capitalists have left you broke, and the fascists are rising — it’s psychologically ruinous.

Human beings don’t need to awash in a warm bath of good news — that’s destructive, too. But when reality itself has turned into something like a grotesque, bizarre dystopia — then just making contact with it is deeply psychologically stressful.

How stressful? Like me, during the course of 2018, many of my friends began to develop trouble sleeping. Not just minor-league trouble — but staying up many nights a week levels of trouble. Now, all this is doubly ironic for me, because I stay up all night anyways, because the sun can melt my blood. So there I was, staying all day…staying up all night. No sleep till the apocalypse. It should have occurred to all of us sooner, I guess. If we’d talked about it, noticed, we would have soon uncovered the next thing a good psychologist would: we were going into hyper vigilance and hyperarousal. Another sign of severe psychological distress — this time, bordering on trauma.

Now, another irony was I’d written many times, in 2018, that I thought this era was leaving many people with low-level PTSD. How absurd and funny then that I didn’t see it my friends and myself, when it was right in front of me. Really, you might wonder, PTSD? Come on! But that’s exactly what I think a good psychologist would and should say about many of us today — maybe not that we “have PTSD”, but certainly that we have been traumatized. To be traumatized is to be exposed to death, of violence, to feel threatened with one’s own nonexistence, or that of a loved one. And a good psychologist would know that none of that has to be “direct.” You don’t have to be the one who is hit by an abuser to be traumatized by abuse. You merely have to be in proximity to such a thing, for the experience to ripple out and strike you, too.

But isn’t that precisely what this age feels like? Proximity to, if not direct experience of, relentless, gruesome, needless, abuse after abuse? Abuse of power. Abuse of societies. Abuse of democracy. Of technology. Abuse of the planet. Violence against the vulnerable. An indifference to life and truth and decency. Capitalism, greed, devastation. Fire, famine, flood. Skyrocketing poverty amongst soaring riches.

Wouldn’t watching all of that make sane person burn with rage, pound with anxiety, shudder with dread, go cold with panic? It does me, and I think that you the only person you’re kidding is yourself if you pretend it doesn’t do just that to you, on some level, too. This, my friends, is a traumatized time, generation, milieu, society, world.

Imagine watching your house burn down. Imagine being in a car crash. Imagine watching a highway pileup happen in front of you. Every day. Over and over again. We might not be there physically — but that is precisely where we are psychologically. We are forced to watch our house burn down — or be burned down — every day. The house of democracy, the planet, the future, society, prosperity.

What’s worse, it’s addictive — and it’s always on, like a weird, gruesome spectacular machine of destruction. It’s a click away. Just tap Twitter, Facebook, whatever, and wham!! There’s this age’s choice of catastrophes, on auto-repeat, every instant of the day or night. You can’t really escape it — unless you decide to forsake the modern world and become a hermit. And it’s not just always going, this machine. Sometimes, it feels better to watch it than not to watch it — because at least bearing witness is the responsible, mature thing to do. And so we watch our house being burned down by this giant machine of ruin, obsessively-compulsively — never quite fully knowing that the price is anxiety, dread, panic, powerlessness, hopelessness. In short, trauma.

That’s probably why we’re having less sex, why we’re so depressed, why we’re so unhappy, why we’re committing suicide more and more. We’ve been traumatized — “burned out on collapse” — and we don’t quite know it. But only a traumatized world, society, time, generation, place, ends up like that. Feels so powerless, hopeless, desperate, guilty, ashamed, bad. You can tell me you don’t feel those things, and maybe you yourself don’t. But what else does it say when the pulse of society is taken today — and what it beats with is despair, fury, and sorrow?

It’s obvious to say that people worry these days — what happens if I get cancer? Will I have to off myself so the kids don’t have to pay medical bills? But that is being traumatized. It is not a thing that anyone should have to worry about in a remotely normal, or decent, time, society, or place. And yet that’s just the beginning.

I’ve come to think that we live in something like an age of trauma. Many of us are instantly traumatized from the moment that we wake up. Today, this school was shot up. See that poor guy? He had to crowdfund insulin. Those little children were put on trial, and then sent to a concentration camp. The planet’s melting down. The rich are getting richer. Your income hasn’t gone up in decades. How are you going to survive? These are just everyday thoughts that might be provoked by simply glancing at the news, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. But they are also the stuff of panic attacks, of palpitations, of profound distress that must be buried deep where it isn’t seen or felt. They are the stuff of trauma. They are the living essence of a constant exposure to death, to nonexistence, to violence.

I’m burned out on collapse, and I’d bet you are too.

It goes without saying: “Umair, you need to take better care of yourself.” I always do. I smoke and drink and rage and weep when I see old couples and stand right there in the sun, daring it to kill me, sometimes, never really knowing why, wondering like a child about the strange, improbable miracle that it can. I do need to take better care of myself. But that’s besides the point. Who doesn’t?

We need to take better care of all of us. We need to take better care of the wounded parts of us — individually, as societies, as a world. And to do that, the reverse, strangely, maybe beautifully, is also true. We need all of us to take better care of each other, too.

So hang in there. Stay loving, stay gentle, stay kind. Sleep, rest, breathe, eat. Well. Taking care begins with the basics. Above all, stay true. It’s OK to admit it. This has been a terrible, unforgiving, horrific year. It’s been a psychological catastrophe for all of us. You don’t need to keep it inside. It’s the greatest gift that you can give, to share your burdens, sometimes. That way, we grow.

December 2018

75 Comments on "I’m Burned Out On Collapse And I Bet You Are Too"

  1. Davy on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 3:45 am 

    “China is prepping for the Future, The US is selling its preps to pay bills. Intelligent, yes? LMAO”

    China is at or near PO and with little economic shale resources that can arrest this production decline. Coal is killing them and likely near peak. Gas is coming on from Russia but it will not replace oil as much as coal. Renewables are a mixed bag. NUK is coming on but limited. Hydro is nearly maxed out. China is exposed to the dangers of the Middle East for oil and this will likely not change. I see nothing to brag about considering they want to keep growing at above 6%.

  2. Davy on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 3:46 am 

    “Survivalist, bad assumption/assertion. Many here are prepared. Some are probably better prepared than yourself. Arrogance will only get you killed quicker after the SHTF.”

    LOL, nobody is more arrogant than you BILLy and more exposed.

  3. Davy on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 3:54 am 

    “JR, and you are one of them. What happened to “free speech”? Not part of your fantasy world? What are YOUR credentials? List them with proof or shut the fuck up.”

    look in the mirror before you point fingers

  4. Davy on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 3:59 am 

    “MOB and you have been to China? I have. You believe all of that US brainwashing propaganda like some religious disciple.”

    Please billy, you are propaganda of the worst kind. You have been to HK for a little trip so very little tourist experience. I know China better than you because I have studied it. You are an uneducated resentful old man spreading hate instead of knowledge.

  5. Davy on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 4:02 am 

    “Total US debt: $71 Trillion.
    Total US unfunded liabilities: $115 Trillion”

    No references billy, your numbers can’t be trusted plus no comparison numbers to China so you are just peddling BS again.

  6. Davy on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 4:09 am 

    “start up a an entirely new sock puppet.”

    All the socks we see lately are your gang banger buddy JuanP who has gone loon. He is just another one of the anti-American gang to go irrelevant. You are irrelevant anon. You rarely say anything intelligent. I don’t even try to log what you say intelligent like I used to because there is nothing to add. Where are all the anti-American extremist Canadians, anon, you are the last of the Mohican dumbasses. Hardly any Canadians lately. Good riddance.

  7. makati1 on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 4:15 am 

    Davy. I gave a reference and you chose to ignore it as usual.

    There rest of your goatshit you spewed above will be ignored as I consider its source.

  8. Davy on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 4:28 am 

    Nope, not in your comment billy:
    makati1 on Mon, 10th Dec 2018 9:38 pm
    Where is the references to China’s total debt or Europe? What about the rest of the world to get a better perspective? Maybe you are peddling agenda like you have been doing here since 2011. I looked back at some of what BillT said back then and so much of your agenda peddling has turned out flat wrong. What is hilarious is you are saying the same shit now. The same redundant obsessive shit. When I have time I am going to research your past.

  9. This is JuanP on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 5:05 am 

    JuanP Mon, 23rd May 2016 on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 3:38 am

    I was just telling my wife yesterday that I would very willingly give my arms, legs, tongue, eyes, ears, nuts, and dick to experience life like normal people do for just one hour to know what it feels like. I have been a seriously depressed realist since I have a memory. My first memory of my life is of leaning against a tree alone in my kindergarten’s playground looking at all the other kids playing, thinking how stupid their behavior was, and wondering why I wasn’t like them.
    I basically don’t interact with normal people anymore. They have nothing to offer me and I don’t want to give them anything.

  10. Free Speech Message Board on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 6:22 am 

    Americans used to ridicule the Chinese for being too weak to resist tyranny, but now Americans have found out that they are cowards, too.

  11. The real JuanP on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 6:31 am 

    free speech bot, are you an unmoderated forum? I may come visit you sounds like fun over there.

  12. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 6:52 am 

    Brexit: stage one in Europe’s slow-burn energy collapse

    Don’t worry, well take over their industries after they collapse..Just like we did after WW2!


  13. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 7:30 am 

    Russia and Europe and Asia are going to collapse..And the US will be the last man standing!

    I love it when a plan comes together!

    USA! USA! USA!

  14. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 7:46 am 

    Former Canadian diplomat detained in China: sources

    Is the US going to let those chinks push us around? Japan kicked China’s ass twice! They are pushovers!

  15. Davy sock on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 8:15 am 

    The real JuanP on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 6:31 am
    free speech bot, are you an unmoderated forum? I may come visit you sounds like fun over there.

  16. Davy sock on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 8:16 am 

    This is JuanP on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 5:05 am

    JuanP Mon, 23rd May 2016 on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 3:38 am
    I was just telling my wife yesterday that I would very willingly give my arms, legs, tongue, eyes, ears, nuts, and dick to experience life like normal people do for just one hour to know what it feels like. I have been a seriously depressed realist since I have a memory. My first memory of my life is of leaning against a tree alone in my kindergarten’s playground looking at all the other kids playing, thinking how stupid their behavior was, and wondering why I wasn’t like them.
    I basically don’t interact with normal people anymore. They have nothing to offer me and I don’t want to give them anything.

  17. Gaia on Thu, 13th Dec 2018 2:15 pm 

    I am prepared for a collapse. For starters, I live within my means and make do with what I have.

  18. Gaia on Thu, 13th Dec 2018 2:18 pm 

    I don’t believe everything the MSM media says and I don’t pay any attention to television advertisements. Last, I don’t feel sorry for myself.

  19. makati1 on Thu, 13th Dec 2018 5:39 pm 

    Gaia, I don’t believe anything the USMSM says and I usually ignore their bullshit. I have not watched TV for at least 20 years as it became more advertising than programs. When I started watching TV 65 years ago, it was one minute of ad per half hour of program. Now…? I don’t want or need the brainwashing that Americans get 24/7/365.

    It sounds like you are on the right track. Keep going. Better to fall from the bottom rung of the ladder than the top.

  20. Davy on Thu, 13th Dec 2018 6:20 pm 

    “I have not watched TV for at least 20 years”

    BS, billy, TV is everywhere. You are watching it.

  21. makati1 on Thu, 13th Dec 2018 6:34 pm 

    Davy, TV is NOT everywhere and I do not and have not watched it for over 20 years. I am not a brainwashed idiot like most Americans. Your stupid assertion only proves your ignorance and arrogance.

  22. Davy on Thu, 13th Dec 2018 6:37 pm 

    You are a liar billy. TV is everywhere and you watch it. Just because you don’t watch TV in your little room does not mean you aren’t exposed to it. Quit being ignorant.

  23. Davy on Thu, 13th Dec 2018 6:44 pm 

    Sorry for losing my emotional shit again y’all.

    makati1, there are billions around the world who aren’t exposed to TV. I have no doubt that you could be one of them, and sorry about the ‘little room’ emotional outburst. I have no clue what size of a room you’ve lived in for the past 20 years. That was stupidity on my part.

    If I could get my anger

  24. Davy on Thu, 13th Dec 2018 6:49 pm 

    Sorry again. I’m so angry that I hit enter by mistake. I really need to get my shit under control.

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