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Page added on March 7, 2018

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How to Thrive When the World’s Falling Apart: A Tiny Seven Step Program for Happiness, Beauty, Truth, and Love

General Ideas

“I see a lot of people telling us the world is crashing and burning but very little advice for little people able to plan for the future. Help!!”

I get emails. And sometimes I even write essays about them. So. How is one to survive all this — these tumultuous, anxiety-inducing times?

I’m going to take you through a seven step self-help program, from tiny to big, shallow to deep, and then we’ll discuss the thinking behind it.

  1. Nourish your relationships. That friend you haven’t called in a decade? That cousin you never talk to? Call them, email them, message them. Build up your social networks — not cynically as we do now, things to preen before. But instead, in the traditional sense: networks of people who look out for each other, support each other, care for one another. Not only will it bring you strength, confidence, and happiness — but you will be less alone, anxious, and maybe new opportunities will come your way, too. In an age where social systems and contracts are collapsing, your first step every day should be building a tiny one of your own.
  2. Nourish your mind. You think you’re “educated” — mistake. Education might not be a guarantee of riches anymore — but its still the best bulwark by far against a declining life. No, not for everyone — there are plenty of starving adjunct professors. So even with education one must be strategic. That means making it a) lifelong b) of enduring service to others c) a path to independence for you. Every few years, you should be getting new certifications, diplomas, and so on. You should always — always — be reading deep into a subject, field, or domain. But not narrowly — as in today’s “STEM” fetish. Nerd? Study ancient literature. Literati? Study philosophy. The world doesn’t need narrow specialists now, armies of Zuckerbergs who’ve never read a book— it needs civilized human beings. Be one — nourish your whole mind, not just a tiny chink of it.
  3. Patchwork everything. Get comfortable with the idea of having what I call a patchwork career, life, approach. Let’s take me as an example. I’ve been an economist, a banker, a corporate exec, and now, what am I? I guess I’m a writer — advisor — coach: a career that I just kind of made up, instead of letting decline happen to me. I’m an author, I advise institutions, I coach people now and then, and I dabble in a few other things which shall remain nameless until next year. (That sounds awfully braggy, so let me say that all I ever wanted to be was a musician, but I sucked, I know, tiny violins, right?) You won’t have one career — you’ll have many. The economy is fragmenting, and so is the idea of a “job”. There are two ways out — the bad one, neofeudal gig work, or the good one, patching various strands of a career together for yourself. Just follow what moves you — take the strands one at a time, but develop them simultaneously: I write every day, speak once in a while, coach and advise a few times a week — and think about it it all constantly. What the world is blowing — knit it back together. The upside is you get to do it your way, instead of theirs.
  4. Strive for independence. Ah, the painful one. Broken, failing institutions — so why would you pin your hopes on them? Independence, not the enforced downward mobility that is the price of institutional dependence, should be your goal. Yet the dilemma is this: unless you luck out, you’re not going to have a life as secure and stable as your parents did — no matter how many Ivy League degrees you get, how hard you work, or much you do. It’s probably just not on the cards — that’s what “downward mobility” means. Breathe. Accept it. It’s OK. Not only is it not your fault, but you can can have something they often didn’t: independence. Here are some tiny steps. Buy a cheap place and fix it up. Take a few bucks every month — no matter how small — and sock them away. Did you know that most of the stock market’s growth (always) comes from maybe three companies? In the 80s, it was GE, Ford, IBM. In the 90s, Microsoft, the Gap, cable companies. Now? Just look at the three most famous companies. Put a little bit there every month. Don’t touch it. Don’t obsess over it, either. Just let it grow. Develop your assets, no matter how small — home, savings, investments. Patchwork career, income. Patchwork assets, savings, safety nets of your own. Independence comes that way.
  5. You don’t need the world to be happy. So why are you after it? Now. What’s the upside of never having a standard of living as high as your parents? The good news is that you don’t need one to be happy — in fact, a humbler one is probably better for your happiness, sanity, meaning, purpose, compassion, empathy, courage, because riches bring tremendous burdens, too. The richer one gets, the more those things disappear, as money and power brings with it envy, greed, hard-heartedness, anxiety, spite. Take a second to really digest that. You don’t need the world to really come alive in this life. You don’t need much at all. How much? Above 70k or so of income, happiness doesn’t really increase, in fact, it decreases. I usually frown on applying statistics naively, but this one I’ve found to be true in every single person I have ever met. So don’t spend day after day agonizing over something that’s fruitless: yes, you can have less than your parents — but be happier because of it. Does that make sense? In this way, decline, too has a curious upside. Humility and grace come to us in a pragmatic way when we understand that because we are tiny, little things, in a desperate, uncertain world, how strange and wonderful that we do not need much to be happy, loving, true, kind, and beautiful.
  6. Nourish your sanity, aka take immaculate care of your mental health. Have you ever noticed that these days people obsessively go to the gym — but could mostly care less about what kind of people they really are, aka their mental health? How funny. How strange. It’s difficult, challenging work, finding such happiness. How is one to do it? Where is it hidden? It’s hidden in your sanity. But sanity is something that comes to us slowly. A decade ago I was volcanic, incandescent, ruinous — I destroyed everything good I touched (and called it conquest). Now I’m much calmer, stiller, gentler. And so I’m happier. What changed? Well, I went through a major trauma — I spent a year thinking I was going to die every month. In that year, all I had left to do was think about life. But you can do that too — in a, let us say, nicer way: that philosophy book club you’ve been meaning to join? That memoir by a sick person? That therapist you’ve been meaning to see? Do it, all of it. Take care of your mental health. No — I emphatically don’t mean this weird American thing called self-care. I mean genuine care for your mental health, not the capitalist counterfeit of it. You will need to understand yourself, deeply, profoundly — “what has wounded me?” “How have I lived with it?” “What have I learned from it?” — to really understand what happiness is. But just understanding yourself too is a great gift, perhaps the greatest gift of all, because in our parents’ materialist, capitalist, competitive culture, there was no need, room, or even reason to. They made things a substitute for selves.
  7. Embrace your freedom (aka, stop trying to compete with your parents, friends, colleagues, the old world). You are freer, in a way, precisely because of decline and collapse. Freer of what? Of materialism, of rationalism, of disconnection, of selfishness, of cruelty, of their burdens. Or at least you can be. You see, our parents were told they needed to be these things to have all the wonderful things that gave them that standard of living — the cars, McMansions, and so on. So there was forged a link between who you were, and what you had. Or more of a chain, really. Now, you do not have to be bound by these chains anymore — although maybe you still are. It is up to you to let them go. If you are always thinking that more stuff will lead to more happiness, that more power will lead to more meaning, more things to more admiration, more, more, more — then you yourself must see that it is not true, and you are thinking about life backwards. More chains don’t make anyone freer. Now, if you’ve been brought up in an overachieving household, especially, the harder it is to understand that these beliefs are imprisoning you — you can’t do as well as your parents, but you can be happier, kinder, more graceful, more learned, wise, and courageous than them — if only you let the competition go. But if you’re still trying to compete with them, then you’ll always be miserable.

The world is changing dramatically, isn’t? Why aren’t you? Your real challenge now is change, too — but in the opposite way. To step forward while the world is going backwards. Not a la superficial self-help books. To become a genuinely different kind of person. A radiant one. The kind that world needs, hopes for, remembers one day, sings to. That person is right there in you. All these names of love that we call courage, wisdom, beauty, grace truth — where has it ever gone? Where has it ever been? — but hidden in you? And exactly so, the more fiercely that you cling on to yesterday — like all those pitiable extremists, those angry and bitter young men — all you are really saying is: “I cannot change! It is too scary!! I am afraid!!”

I am here to tell you that you can. And, perhaps, that is our shared challenge in this tumultuous, and yes, frightening time: not just building better institutions and societies — that is beyond most of us, isn’t it? — but becoming, first, different, more aware, wise, mature kinds of people. Maybe that is what all the fear and danger and peril is meant to teach us about, and to remind us of — precisely all the things that we have not given one another, and ourselves, enough of. The kinds of people, eyes alight with the wonder and grace of every last day, whose kids, perhaps, one day can.

Take my hand. Take a deep breath. Ready? Here we go.

March 2018

By Umair Haque


37 Comments on "How to Thrive When the World’s Falling Apart: A Tiny Seven Step Program for Happiness, Beauty, Truth, and Love"

  1. roccman on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 3:47 pm 

    oh geeze. the universe is brutal – love is a trap and annihilation is freedom.

  2. Sissyfuss on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 6:43 pm 

    I should sit under a Banyan tree til I achieve Nirvana but we don’t have those in Michigan. Perhaps it’s cousin shall suffice, the insouciant Mulberry of which I have many. Then perhaps I shall learn to nurture my relationships while embracing my freedom. Always found those two to be mutually exclusive but then, have never been under the spell of Nirvana either.

  3. fmr-paultard on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:13 pm 

    good news! supertards gave our amphibious light carriers ability to launch F35s!

  4. fmr-paultard on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:17 pm 

    The F-35B with its stealth, unparalleled intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities, plus extended range, can match the long range missiles fielded by Russia and China and help the Marines secure land and sea bases by allowing them to see first, and if need be, shoot first.

    thank you supertards. thank you, thank you, did i say thank you. i’m getting tired of saying thank you.

    now only father tard francis would turn around and speak up for the faithfuls in the ME who are persecuted and who were original christians

  5. fmr-paultard on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:24 pm 

    now only if we could give Britain First a few of these for a reconquest of their country.
    Probably dreaming here but eventually have to figure out ways to send small arms because…well, the bombings were the first shots and we all know who did it.

  6. Cloggie on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 10:13 am 

    How to Thrive When the World’s Falling Apart

    World falling apart?

    Number of foreign tourists in Holland:

    In 2009: 9.9 million
    In 2017: 17.6 million
    In 2020: 20+ million

    I’m sure that some day the world will fall apart.

    But not now.

  7. Cloggie on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 10:14 am

    Is in America application of the term “anti-globalism” punishable by law? Or is this code-word admissible?

  8. MASTERMIND on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 10:26 am 


    When society collapses and I ram Taylor Swift in the rear! It’s not rape, its a snuggle with a struggle!

  9. fmr-paultard on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 10:37 am 

    Rod and Rachel Saunders were stalked as they searched for rare plants and seeds in a remote South African beauty spot, unaware of the chilling plan to snatch them

    ^mm^ u’re talking about right hand possesses

  10. Cloggie on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 11:45 am 

    When society collapses and I ram Taylor Swift in the rear! It’s not rape, its a snuggle with a struggle!

    Yes millikike, Americans and rape, a never ending story.

    Not a very noble people. Least popular in the world. For a reason. Will have consequences.

  11. Theedrich on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 3:04 pm 

    RAND Corp:  “U.S. could lose next war.”  While the Demonic Party and assorted RINOs seek to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump and corrupt the voting system by importing illegal aliens, U.S. military capabilities are deteriorating rapidly.  A 2017 Dec 7 report from the RAND (“Research ANd Development”) corporation, “U.S. Military Capabilities and Forces for a Dangerous World:  Rethinking the U.S. Approach to Force Planning,” concludes that America is losing its grip.  For instance:

    – Besides squandering prodigious amounts of blood and money on fruitless nation-building in Iraq and the meaningless war in Afghanistan, “U.S. forces must expect to be engaged in the struggle with Salafist-jihadi groups, such as ISIS, globally for many years to come.”

    – Even more significant, Russia and China are mounting challenges “that far outstrip” those of the adversaries imagined in current, sclerotic Pentagonal thinking.

    – North Korea is deemed to be a threat that lacks “satisfactory answers.”

    In effect, the RAND researchers think that navel-contemplating Yankeedom has ignored reality and imagines that quantity (i.e., more money, bigger toys) is superior to quality (modernizing the weaponry, better training of personnel).  China is becoming the equal of the Empire in “real-time reconnaissance, data transmission and processing, precision guidance, robotics, propulsion, and even stealth technology.”  This means the Indispensable Nation can no longer assume that it can boss China around.  That nation’s highly accurate missiles now have all of our airbases and other facilities in the western Pacific (including Guam) in range.

    American 5th-generation fighters, the U.S F-22 and F-35, are currently superior to Russian and Chinese jets, but constitute only a small percentage of our fighter force, but this superiority cannot be expected to last very much longer.

    Meanwhile, Russia has learned from Imperial tactics and is using covert subversion and overt aggression to advance its own interests.  It has also improved its military in both training and equipment;  indeed, “as currently postured, NATO cannot defend the Baltic States against a determined, short-warning Russian attack.”

    As if this were not enough, “[b]y the mid-2020s, Russia, China and possibly India will have the military capacity to disable and/or destroy satellites at all orbital altitudes from low-earth orbit to geosynchronous orbit.”  Other powers later following this example will be Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Pakistan, all of which may have the ability to destroy low-earth orbit satellites.

    There are many other gems in the RAND report (and also in the 2017 Oct 4 Heritage Foundation report) which the reader can discover for himself.  But the final conclusion remains:  the days of Yid-Cretin Imperial hegemony and its war on biological evolution are numbered.

  12. Cloggie on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 3:39 pm 

    But the final conclusion remains: the days of Yid-Cretin Imperial hegemony and its war on biological evolution are numbered.

    You bet. This is the next Italian PM:

    Western Europe has now its first Viktor Orban. And he (obviously) is pro-Putin:

    The British are leaving and Macron talks humanitarian but acts populist.

    One last item on the todo list: Merkel

    The air is clearing in Europe.

  13. MASTERMIND on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 3:50 pm 


    Get off Putins cock! You love your authority figures dont you boy? You dumb ugly uneducated loser!

  14. MASTERMIND on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 3:51 pm 


    The only reason Europe is swinging to the right is because they are going go into poverty. And we people become poor they usually become mean.

  15. Cloggie on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 4:02 pm 

    “The only reason Europe is swinging to the right is because they are going go into poverty.”

    That may have been true in the thirties, but now Europe is richer than ever. The real reason for the rise of the right is a reaction against mass immigration. We are not going to give Europe to Islam. And actually there are a lot who would fancy a good fight. It has been boring peace for far too long. These young muslim males are for starters, the main prize is Washington. We are going to liberate you back.

  16. MASTERMIND on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 4:12 pm 


    Nice find on that rand study. But its hard to tell if that is truthful or just a ploy to get more tax payer money going to the deep state..Not that you would question the deep state. I know how you white nationalist love the deep state! You are their bitches!

  17. MASTERMIND on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 4:35 pm 

    Putin poisoned that British spy! He needs to be put on trial for war crime! HAMG EM HIGH!

  18. MASTERMIND on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 4:36 pm 

    Vlad the Bad is going down hard! You dont fuck with the gloablist! LOL

  19. fmr-paultard on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 4:51 pm 

    From theoretical and philosophical viewpoint ^mm^ is correct. Why is labor in China able to take manufacturing from us and caused resentments
    Why can’t we have our own labor using immigrants? No muslims

    Just another side chat

  20. fmr-paultard on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 5:08 pm 

    why did fuhrer open a two front war? because europe was resource poor. eurotard can be blockaded and it’d be over if they sided with putin

    why did fuher lose war? because many years later SENTAPBs try to revive it. But this enemy was defeated. in law, intent matters. if one intends on being enemy one can be bumpskied, killed.

  21. fmr-paultard on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 5:11 pm 

    why is light carriers amphibious so deadly? because littoral combat is a difficult tasks just look at the normany landing. a lot of luck involved.

    with f35’s a beachhead can be established without much planning. fixed bases are difficult to build and expesive to maintain.

    our supertards gave us light carriers with f35 and naval fire…after a beachead is established, super carriers can take time to reinforce expeditionary forces.

  22. fmr-paultard on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 5:14 pm 

    why is ^mm^ useful? because our supertards have important matters to work on …the “dhimmi of supertards” like mm can carry out menial tasks but still require high brain functioning. even pegions are useful for carriers. any talk to breeding supertards daughters are just wishful thinking. the religion for worshipping of supertards will have graven images of supertards with submachine guns regardless of whether they are for or agains tluke 22:36

  23. DerHundistlos on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 6:02 pm 

    OMG, many “off-topic” replies. The shame of it is more than I can bear.

    Where oh where is Bob when you need him to chastise these shameful off-topic posters?

  24. fmr-paultard on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 6:11 pm 

    how hypocrite it’s ok to do folksy brain with cattle mutilation but not when i post

  25. GregT on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 6:32 pm 

    Ode to Davy:

    “The world is changing dramatically, isn’t it? Why aren’t you? Your real challenge now is change, too — but in the opposite way. To step forward while the world is going backwards.”

    “To become a genuinely different kind of person. A radiant one. The kind that world needs, hopes for, remembers one day, sings to. That person is right there in you. All these names of love that we call courage, wisdom, beauty, grace truth — where has it ever gone? Where has it ever been? — but hidden in you? And exactly so, the more fiercely that you cling on to yesterday — like all those pitiable extremists, those angry and bitter young men — all you are really saying is: “I cannot change! It is too scary!! I am afraid!!”

  26. MASTERMIND on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 7:16 pm 


    The world is going down the toilet quickly! And your daughter will be brutally raped when society collapses..But dont call it rape. Call it strangers with benefits!

  27. Davy on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 7:22 pm 

    You so cutesy and fluffy greggie it is just a shame you don’t have an intellect and are so emotionally immature.

  28. GregT on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 7:50 pm 

    Thanks for the compliment Davy! Great to see that you’re finally beginning to address those anger management issues.

    Don’t try to take too much on all at once. Baby steps buddy.

  29. Davy on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 7:54 pm 

    You are the one at the therapist (your words) so I think you get that honor. I enjoy neutering stalkers.

  30. GregT on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 8:12 pm 

    “I enjoy neutering stalkers.”

    What’s with your fixation on human genitals Davy? Do you consider that to be normal and rational as well?

  31. Davy on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 8:35 pm 

    You are the one that wanted to ass fuck me. I think that is quite a fixation. Before that you wanted to come down and find me. Stalker pervert.

  32. GregT on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 8:49 pm 

    Listening to your nastiness on a daily basis for years on end, eventually gets tiring Davy.

  33. Cloggie on Fri, 9th Mar 2018 12:25 am 

    why did fuhrer open a two front war?

    He didn’t you fool. Britain and France opened the “2nd front” after Germany was forced to come to the aid of the Germans in Versailles-Poland. It were the Americans who had pressured the British and French into signing the war guarantee for Poland, after which the Americans went to the other side and quietly instigated the Poles for maximum demands by saying that the Americans, British and French would come to the aid of Poland regardless, so they could do what they wanted, hint, hint. Like throwing out the Germans from Versailles Poland. After 100,000 refugees the Germans had arrived at the breaking point and were not prepared to wait for millions of refugees.

    The Russians know everything and will be prepared the unload the full shit onto the Americans, including unmasking the Hoax, in return for a premier seat at the European dinner table:

  34. MASTERMIND on Fri, 9th Mar 2018 12:26 am 

    Fake news sharing in US is a rightwing thing, says study

    We needed a study to learn this? Just look at Clogg on this board! Perfect evidence!

  35. fmr-paultard on Fri, 9th Mar 2018 4:39 am 

    please master race theedrich. please shut your feminized brain and go hang out with eurotard ok

    you say the enemies “study” supertards conduct of warfare. ohhhhh…supertards is dumb. in your feminized brain “studying” is a substitue for everyhting.

    ’nuff said

    we need to start bumpski these SENTAPBs superemacist extremist nazi tard bumpskied preachers

  36. fmr-paultard on Fri, 9th Mar 2018 4:40 am 

    i meant to say supertards is “doomed” not dumb

  37. Cloggie on Sat, 10th Mar 2018 4:23 am 

    Trump scores points during visit “Swedetard” PM to White House:

    Trump says in the PM’s face that Sweden has problems with immigration.

    Response Swedish PM: we already curtailed immigration.

    Identitarianism-NWO lunacy

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