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Page added on July 30, 2007

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German Environmentalists Wage War on Gas-Guzzlers

Radical enviromentalists in Germany have declared war on sport utility vehicles and luxury cars, deflating the tyres of more than 80 fuel-guzzlers in less than a week, a Berlin police spokesman said on Friday.

In night-time raids the environmentalists targeted 4×4 SUVs and large luxury vehicles across Berlin, leaving hand-written notes for their owners which pointed to the link between carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and global warming.
Although there were differences in the way the tyres were deflated — some were slashed but others simply had the air let out of them — investigators assume that one group is behind the campaign, the spokesman said.

The police believe the group may be linked to international organisations such as the “World Carfree Network”, which encourages direct action in its quarterly magazine “Carbusters” published in Prague.

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