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Page added on May 31, 2011

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Gasoline Gangsters Episode 23: Peak Oil & Christianity

What do oil and Christianity have in common? In this episode I explore the idea that as people use more energy they become less religious. According to Matt Savinar we all worship oil as our new god. As oil leaves our economies what will we worship then?

One Comment on "Gasoline Gangsters Episode 23: Peak Oil & Christianity"

  1. DC on Wed, 1st Jun 2011 2:56 am 

    PO and xtians are certainly a topic worth exploreing, but I think you may have it a little backwards in some respects. As you point out in your series, cheap energy makes a lot of things possible, we are course used to saying most of it is bad(ie gas-burning cars, suburbia etc), but cheap energy is also capable of doing good as well. The rise of the secular liberal mindset, is also, a by-product of cheap energy too. In a primitive backward superstitious world, christianity flourishes, they worked hand-in-glove with fuedal elites to brutalize and keep the population ignorant, poor, and under control. Cheap energy, and rise of mass-education, the growth of science, all in whole or in part, fueled by cheap energy made this possible. Xtians in this day and age, hate rational scientific thinking with a zeal not seen since the days of the inquisition, and witch burning. What they really are waiting for is not the ‘rapture’, per se, but the end of the scientific age, and the instititions that support it, ie a free internet, schools, freedom of expression etc, all enemies of the simplistic world-view they wish to promulgate.

    Xtianity, is a pre-scientific, pre-industrial supersition, it can survive very well without oil, after all, theyve done it before. Its less clear that widespread scientific literacy and rationalism will fare as well in a low-energy age. Its not impossible of course. Rome was a vast non-oil civiliation that was rational and secular by our standards compared to xtianity, but was overrun by fanatical xtians when it went through its own version of an ‘energy crisis’. That legacy, of course, we know as the dark ages. Xitanity thrives in a crises where people look for simplistic answers to complex issues. I fully expect in a PO crises to see howling mobs of fanatics torching libraries, schools and of course, scientists and free-thinkers, as they will be to ‘blame’ for all the problems that they will be suffering from. You see, they have a practice at that sort of thing, 2000 years ago, xtians put most of the science,art and literature of western civilization to the torch, and we still pay the price for that even today.

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