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Page added on June 25, 2016

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Feeling Guilty about Global Warming and Peak Oil

General Ideas

Guys, today I wanted to write about kittens and string. No wait, I wanted to write about global warming and peak oil. Sorry, this is what Twitter has done to my mind.

Global Warming

Have you seen the news lately? Record temperatures are being reached every year around the globe! In India, Europe, the US. Lots of droughts and heavy rain and floods and bad stuff in general. I’m (sometimes) concerned that this might get worse…

But am I the only one who has become desensitized to this news? Am I the only one that took three overseas trips in the last three years, aware of the fact that the CO2 emitted from the jet could very well be slowly destroying the planet?

I mean, the destruction of our planet is unfortunate, and I’d love to help… but gosh guys… I really need to get to work to pay my mortgage and taxes, put food on the table, and fill up my gas tank. And I’m quite confident that there are many smart scientists who figure this all out.

You see, apparently the CO2 we humans are emitting into the atmosphere is causing the planet to heat up and cause all these crazy weather events! See here:

Hold on a second… Is that a news article from the BBC’s website? The same BBC that’s controlled by the globalists and reptilian people? How do I know that this isn’t just some big conspiracy!? LIES! Government lies! Just so they can tax us more. How can I trust these scientists? Which ones have been paid by the globalists?

Alright, well let’s believe (foolishly) for a second, that all this CO2 is heating up the planet. What can we do?

  • STOP TRAVELLING! Stop going on vacations to Mexico, Thailand, Japan, and Mongolia. Especially Mongolia. Stop visiting your family by car, plane, or bus. Anyway you slice it, you will increase the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere!
  • Stop eating bananas, oranges, and any other fruit or vegetable that you can’t grow in your backyard.
  • Above all, don’t eat meat or dairy products… By doing so you are complicit in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.
  • In fact, stop buying all groceries, as CO2 must be emitted to produce and transport those goods to your local grocer.

I mean, if you really cared about future generations, you’d grow your own food, stop driving to work, and certainly not purchase the latest iPhone which took how many tonnes of CO2 to produce and distribute? And you’d pray for a collapse of the economy, even if that meant your investment portfolio would crash, because it would result in a huge decrease in CO2 emissions, and a brighter future for our children!

Hold on a second, let’s be rational here. The reason the Earth is heating up is because it has been moving closer to the sun. And this has been scientifically proven! Great, now I don’t have to feel guilty anymore!


Peak Oil

Alright, let’s assume that CO2 has no effect on the earth’s temperature. There’s still the problem that oil is a non-renewable resource, so eventually it’s all going to run out, and then future generations won’t have the fuel required to drive to their suburban homes.

For example, did you know that in 1973 the United States reached its peak oil production? Since that time, the oil produced by the states has been steadily decreasing.

Now many western nations must rely on countries like Saudi Arabia to fuel their economic growth. Yes, the state that publicly beheads criminals and drops bombs on hospitals in Yemen. Side note: Canada sends them weapons too! Off topic: Where does ISIS get their weapons?

Wait a minute, so if I fill up my gas tank with oil that came from the middle east, am I in effect contributing to the violence that goes on there? I mean, gas stations don’t really tell you what country their fuel came from, so can I just assume it came from a peaceful region? What about the airliners? Where do they get their jet fuel from?

Why don’t we wean ourselves off of oil entirely? Well, because our economies and stock markets wouldn’t grow without it, and most likely send the financial system into an apocalyptic death spiral! You want to receive your pension payouts after retirement, don’t you?


Okay, okay – enough already! All this thinking about future generations is making my head hurt. Stop being so negative! Haven’t you ever heard the expression “live in the moment”? I’m going to have a glass of New Zealand wine with Italian cheese and start planning my next trip to Japan.

For the record: I don’t own a house or car or have kids, and I sold my stake in the company pension fund when I quit last year. However, I do travel by plane and bus. I also usually eat a banana every day.

12 Comments on "Feeling Guilty about Global Warming and Peak Oil"

  1. Dustin Hoffman on Sat, 25th Jun 2016 9:16 pm 

    Felt the same way until realizing that at past peak the law of finishing returns will hit the wall and propel the system toward a total collapse. No need to feel quilty at all at this stage we are in. Just the natural progression of development and die off. As Shortonoil point out most of the hydrocarbons will remain locked where they are….so best enjoy the remainder.

  2. Go Speed Racer on Sat, 25th Jun 2016 10:04 pm 

    What did he say? Stop buying groceries? Ok. I will get started on that.

  3. eugene on Sat, 25th Jun 2016 10:12 pm 

    Actually, it’s simple. All animals, at some point, over run their resource base. There’s a correction meaning sometimes the animal disappears totally or, if fortunate, there’s only an enormous reduction in their numbers. I have a hunch, that as this occurs, comments will turn from flippant replies to none or just plain scared as hell. In the meantime, we’ll all stay pleasant, nice and, frankly, silly.

  4. Sissyfuss on Sat, 25th Jun 2016 10:32 pm 

    Friends of Science telling us the sun getting nearer is causing global warming?
    What the real scientists are telling us differs greatly, (un)friend!

  5. JuanP on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 12:22 am 

    Nothing we do at this point will make any difference to the destruction of the biosphere or future generations. Go visit your family, travel, eat meat, and buy all the imported food you want.

    You can prepare yourself for what’s coming as best you can but don’t delude yourself thinking it will make any difference to our global situation because it won’t. We are completely powerless as individuals to affect the course humanity is on. We are completely destroying the biosphere and nothing you or I can do will make any difference.

    Human beings are stupid and you can’t fix stupid no matter how much you might want to. Carpe diem! Have fun, get high, prep, or not, whatever rocks your boat is fine. Forget the future generations because they are completely fucked no matter what we do.

    Live childfree and get a Vasectomy like I did, and make the future generations someone else’s problem. If they want to have kids in this fucked up world it is their problem not mine. I will keep doing whatever I want. I fuck myself on these generations and future generations, too. As far as I am concerned human beings are a bunch of arrogant and retarded ignorant fools and they deserve what’s coming. Call me selfish if you want, I don’t give a fuck!

  6. Davy on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 7:01 am 

    We can stop whining because that is a waste of time and sends the wrong message that blame will change things. Humans opened a door and it was one of those one way doors. We got here for a multitude of reasons and only very recently probably after it was too late we came to the nasty realization we are in an extinction process and maybe destroying habitable life for an epoch. The worst of a runaway climate is out there if the wrong convergences and feedbacks happen.

    The whining is useless at the level of blame and complain. Scapegoating is a distraction at this point. What a country did in the past is irrelevant. You are stupid to think I plan on paying some other son-bitch somewhere else on the globe money for something my grandfather did or I did before I knew it was wrong. Screw that nonsense. We did not know this was bad in fact we were told we should do it. If we didn’t do it someone else would of and would have put us out. We would have been run out of business or as a nation the nation conquered by another who did it.

    What is the “IT”? “It” is development and embracing creative change of technology. Unfortunately the creative change was destructive change. The development was an illness much like cancer and more akin to locust and yeast than a shiny city on a hill of enlightened humans. The IT was evolutionary dead end of a large brained mammal thinking it is separate from nature and exceptional. If religion screwed us it is here with the separateness and exceptionalism.

    I feel we can make a difference going forward by practicing relative sacrifice. Collapse in place to prepare for a broad based collapse. Downsize with dignity which means turn your back on destructive consumerism especially where it is just a dopamine hits. I am buying many things now but this is different than standard consumerism. I am investing in tools and supplies with a future for when destructive consumerism is over in a collapse of modernism. Once a month I buy some kind of prep tool. I am investing in alternative energy. I am investing in animals. My next purchase is a high tunnel greenhouse. What I am also doing now is not buying the latest fashion. I am not buying a new car. Unfortunately I still have to fly for family reasons but what I did was cut that in half and just told my family we must make sacrifices for climate change. How can they argue with that. For me it was great I can’t stand traveling anymore. Why leave a place I love. I drive as little as possible. I can go 10 days without driving off the farm.

    Juan is right it does not matter so enjoy life but personally I think we can set an example for others by showing sobriety, moderation, and empathy for those most affected by this collapse process. We can make our “local” society more resilient and sustainable in the collapse process by relative sacrifice and downsizing with dignity.

    We should be doing this as a community of nations beginning a demand decline protocol. We could start making efforts to slow the world economy in an end game of demand destruction that will allow us to collapse less painfully. We could try to mitigate and adapt populations to a collapse process. “And” yes, the rich countries should pay the poor countries for this “IF” they make proper changes. A country like Bangladesh that curtails population growth should be helped. This means draconian population policies and significant help from rich nations.

    The global community cooperation idea I just stated is folly because it will likely never happen but I mentioned it as a positive response. The other policy is the default current one where we war with each other with militaries and with trade to end this nightmare sooner. This maybe the best option. Let’s kill off people quicker so we can get to a better carrying capacity sooner. The inconvenience of this idea is it may be you and me that die sooner. We all have skin in this game.

    This predicament of a lost lifeboat renders down to “quit your fucking bitching you cunts” sorry for the language but that is it. Let’s start creating a hospices to accommodate all the death just around the corner. Let’s do this locally and within our family and extended family and friends. We can do it there. At greater levels it will not be possible and at greater levels as the pie shrinks the world will war with each other at many levels. There is a chance as the world wars and starts a genocide that is a suicide cooler heads will prevail and will stop the needless death. There will be plenty of death in the best case scenarios. Death not life is the new trend.

    In conclusion enjoy life while practicing relative sacrifice and downsizing with dignity. Enjoy life because the good life will be over soon. Sacrifice and downsize to prepare and find strength in mind and body to endure the coming die off. Quick nasty consumerism but practice investing in all those things still produced that have a future and will make your local more sustainable. Stop traveling needlessly. Stop buying the plastic bullshit that ends up in a landfill. Quit your job if it is part of this and you can find other employment. Do something for nature. Learn to garden and practice animal husbandry. More than anything love your family because they may be gone soon. Love yourself because you didn’t do this we did this as a species.

  7. Kenz300 on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 9:12 am 

    Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches | World news | The Guardian

    Head Of The Episcopal Church Says It’s ‘Sinful’ To Ignore Climate Change

  8. Sissyfuss on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 11:52 am 

    Forget hospices, Davy. We’ll build Soylent Green suicide palaces. We’re gonna need the protein.

  9. Davy on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 12:22 pm 

    Sissy, I can’t get my appetite excited with soylent green. I will eat about anything but not ready for that.

  10. dave thompson on Sun, 26th Jun 2016 11:37 pm 

    Shut it down!!!! AND BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bystander on Mon, 27th Jun 2016 12:51 pm 

    The Jeff Bezos Times aka the Washington Post and CG groupie has now acknowledged the existence of Global Greening:

  12. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jun 2016 3:13 pm 

    It’s not your fault you were born into one of the last and the most destructive generation to ever live. If industrialization started 100 years earlier than it did, we would have already been long gone, which means you would not have been born. Since you did make it to the big show, luckily you got to be born fat and western and not some dirt farmer who will barely get a taste of the benefits of the fossil fuel use that is driving the humans (and thousands of others) to extinction. Not everyone gets to be here for the final act, so try and think of it as an honor.

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