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Page added on July 29, 2017

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Extinction is the System Result

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What a spectacle the peasants make, like children at their first circus, they cheered for Trump. A very entertaining pageant of manipulation, and then to watch the retards realize they were fooled once more. “Perhaps the snowflakes were right,” they mutter darkly.

And this thought-piece is not a complaint on my part, the mass manipulation, and then the Reality dawning to crush the hope of countless millions—“Are you not entertained!?”

Sure I am, this is the best entertainment ever, and it’s free. You don’t even have to pay into the Colosseum, just turn on the TV.

Now we should be clear in our thinking—just because the price is free doesn’t mean it’s cost free—I’m just hoping to be dead before the butcher’s bill is paid. My Capitalistic friends share many things in common, certainly mutual respect for one another, but there are other qualities and attributes that they share which I’ll share with you.

First, they always mention their age in private correspondence, and they’re all far older than me. They express implied happiness at being almost dead, at being at the end of their life cycle, that they won’t have to live too much further into the Future. That they’re almost dead is source of personal comfort after they read, and some have written, The Philosophy of Capitalism.

Back to the Colosseum, where the predators are on stage and the prey is the audience. It’s easy to become upset, though it’s best not to be, there really is consolation in understanding—would you prefer false hope over entertainment? I think entertainment is the right answer.

Though the peasant doesn’t choose hope over understanding; the predators are naturally manipulative while the prey have brains that are desperate—projecting their love and hope toward a messiah who’ll deliver an imagined place. A place healed of depression, separatism, riots and war. Wouldn’t you be desperate if your nation was dug into multiple wars? 16 years of war, going on 17, with no hope of resolution.

Hope only serves to prolong suffering’ was Nietzsche’s warning to tomorrow’s peasant. Read my warning to Zero Hedgers in October: ‘My contacts with The Families said Trump was being protected, that was months ago. It was a warning that went unheeded too. Whereas Hegel was more concerned with the past, which revealed fear as the agent that drove progress toward self awareness—whereby self and self-image became the same—whereby Thought would govern the World via Reason—And so on.

Actually, I’ve come to realize that the limit placed upon self awareness is the absence of virtue, namely the absence of Courage. It takes Courage to deal with Reality. To see it for what it is, in its naked form.

The System is a living thing; the Natural System gives it life. And so it will seek the means to defend itself. It will develop an immune system so to speak; to reject burdens and critiques. Of course it also has instruments to defend itself; the System was designed to serve the Dominant Class who protect it consciously. And then there is Instinct—Any individual who depends upon the System for his survival will defend it instinctively.

Now this Instinct is shared by all insiders so it operates as a force at the System Level—this force is exclusive and seeks to ostracize and make powerless any threats to continuity, e.g. the unemployed, or any nation that favours Gold over the FIAT, that prefers publicly to privately owned banks.

The insiders’ thinking will is aborted as the power of belief, and conformity of thought is required to oppress and demoralize outsiders. The power to suppress any doubt about sustainability or the fairness of outcomes is called for. “Those people are homeless due to their weak character” so to speak, or “The Middle East is a mess because they’re inbred.” Pat Buchanan rails against immigrants, after his friends spent decades making money from desperate labour—demoralised first and then displaced by death squads sent by us, the Dominant Class—to kill anyone trying to make Central America a livable place. Duplicity and delusion are the handmaidens of success in the business of peasant-debt-slave manipulation, right? And that’s not a critique, the status quo has served me well, so thanks Pat.

So there’s no critical thinking at the System Level by those benefiting from the System—though there is feeling; Liberals are prone to guilt for example, and now the retards are ashamed for falling for the appearance of nationalism—This protective Instinct drives the evolution of myth, fantasy, belief and social peer pressure that serves to prolong the System.

Another thing I’ve noted about my friends is that they don’t care about other people, they’re respectively capital- or empire-centric, and anyone who’s not human-centric is ultimately anti-human. I came to this realisation after publishing a post entitled ‘Capitalism Causes us to be Mentally Ill’ and no one read it. Visitors to my site are almost all capitalists, I know this since I can track what site they’ve come from—FT, Zero Hedge mostly—and they also write me. And they refuse to write reviews about our books because they don’t care about society or other readers. It’s almost funny for me; but you need to be mean to remain Dominant, right? So no hard feelings between me and my friends.

Not so much fun for the masses who assumed Trump cared about them. Trump is a Capitalist so he is Capital-centric, thus he doesn’t care about people. But try explaining that to a peasant.

The Fed’s sole mandate is not to help Americans (people) but to protect and preserve the System, which is demonstrably true given recent behaviour. What about the Bank of England? How many Billions is it printing every day? Does any insider care to count? Or check? Or dare to question?

As Marx realised from his studies; it’s hard to change the System. He realised the need for Revolution—the wholesale transformation of society by killing those at the Top who benefit from the System.

His fantasy failed; and interestingly, we also know why. (See Volume 1.)

The System is profit and consumer-centric. But if you can’t consume then you don’t exist, do you?

During a recent debate about the carrying capacity of the planet I mentioned to an American capitalist that there are 7 billion people and he corrected me, correctly. He was leery of the 7 billion figure since many Africans don’t really consume, and so they don’t really exist within the System.

Capitalists live in their own fantasy but my friends chose to deal with Reality. That’s why I respect them, they have Courage.

So what does Reality look like?

There’s no one in control. The System will continue until it kills everyone. Extinction is the System Result.

You want facts to explicitly substantiate that statement? Sure, that’s easy for me. The System framework requires incremental growth in commodity inputs and consumption—both serve to validate the creation of interest bearing debt; the interest is profit—which becomes income for my friends at the top of the Dominant Class.

Incremental Growth in commodity inputs—the result is Depletion. Which calls for wars of aggression, and annihilation. The nukes keep the peace, for now, but they also mean the next big war carries risk of extinction.

So how to change the System? How to manufacture mass desire for a change of the System framework? And such change, is it worthwhile?

At the very minimum; change would require pain on a biblical scale. It takes pain to de-condition the brain, it’s what Pavlov taught us.

One of the often unstated benefits of a First Strike against Russia is that 3 to 4 billion would die from crop failure alone. That’s a lot of pain. And then there’s the Reset—the other option—it can be managed in such a way as to depopulate entire regions. That also carries the risk of extinction (See volume 3).

If the Reset happens and cosmic numbers start starving—then I can guarantee you this—it’s not an accident.

before the collapse

16 Comments on "Extinction is the System Result"

  1. onlooker on Sat, 29th Jul 2017 5:19 pm 

    Reality at its crudest and it’s most brutal and visceral. That is why I read this article from first to last word. Courage that is where and how you find the integrity of seeing what is really there. No soft landings but a fast devastating and total collapse is where we are headed. Be at Peace. For they’re will be no more pain or death for all these things shall pass.

  2. Hubert on Sat, 29th Jul 2017 6:14 pm 

    Next time you drive down the road, start counting the number of SUV’s you’d find; you’ll find that almost every other car is a SUV. That’s the kind of fantasy world these idiots are living in. Far from any sort of Reality that is the real world.

    Unfortunately, when the crap hits the fan, it’s going hit rather hard.

  3. Makati1 on Sat, 29th Jul 2017 7:01 pm 

    Very good article that doesn’t end with a ‘Yuge’ dose of Hopium. The human species is screwed and it is laid out in plain words above, as to why we are doomed. We failed as a species and now have to pay the price.

    If you ever bothered to check the ages of TPTB, you will find most are within a decade of death or should already be dead. They are playing a game with countries and people’s lives. Some of the younger ones actually believe that they can survive nukes. Delusion and insanity run rampant in the West and their wannabees, especially in the U$. Just look at the headlines.

    I’m 72. I expect to live to see the end, or at least the collapse of globalism/capitalism, although I never believed that it would happen. I am amazed that they have been able to prolong the wait to this point in time but I expect that they are about to pull the plug. It is the end step in what I call The Great Leveling. Their plan for a One World Government, run by them, of course, with all of us at the bottom.

    What they don’t destroy, CC will. I will be gone before the worse of those effects happen. There is a plus to being old at this time. I only feel sorrow at the thought that my kids and grands will not have a good life like I enjoyed, but again, I cannot do anything to change the future. So be it.

  4. john kelley on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 12:22 am 

    I am so disappointed to see this web site reduced to this.

  5. Makati1 on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 1:54 am 

    john, have you noticed the articles posted here for discussion recently?

    “World War 3 Will Happen In 2040”
    “Extinction is the System Result”
    “The Elites Are Jumping Ship As The Financial Collapse Draws Near”
    “Population and World Pattern”
    “Is the world really better than ever?”

    Do they sound like “Peak Oil” topics?

    The discussion of oil is old, boring news and this forum would be dead by now if that were the only topic. There are so many lies about oil online that there is no possible intelligent discussion about the subject. Sooo…

    The site owners obviously decided to promote “other” discussion. That it attracts the extremes of thought is obvious. Do you want a group of “Yes” men/women or do you want a lively discussion of various areas of thought? Here you can witness the fall of the U$ and the success of the propaganda there. You can also get viewpoints from people all over the globe. Or… you could get a bunch of zombies in the U$ who agree with you as long as you see the same view of the world. Personally, I prefer a lively discussion, even if it includes some thick skulled, prejudiced presenters with dirty mouths and minds. Nothing new to a 72 year old.

    Last time I checked, this forum is free and you can come and go as you please. Just don’t read any comments you don’t like. lol

  6. john kelley on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 3:43 am 

    Makati1,yes I have noticed the recent articles ,they seem to bring out a mean spirit in many of the replies.I will still be here every day I just wont read any comments I don’t like.Thanks for taking the time to line me out on that.

  7. Cloggie on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 5:19 am 

    TheOilDrum bean counters knew that Peak Oil Supply 2010-2015, as promoted by ASPO-2000/Heinberg/etc, was not going to happen.

    A few retards are still holding out here.

    The real collapse that is coming is social and geopolitical. The collapse of the West. We are moving from a world of US hegemony into a multi-polar world. It’s going to be a painful transition.

    Peak oil supply is not going to happen, we are going to have a 100% renewable energy base, one way or the other, regardless of the output level, regardless if the growth paradigm will persist or not.

  8. Makati1 on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 7:13 am 

    john, the “mean spirit’ seems to be most expressed by those who are under the most pressure from, or are in the deepest denial of their situation. Or so it seems to me.

    I can debate with anyone who is open minded and doesn’t resort to name calling to express their frustration. The ongoing argument with Davy started long ago when he was prone to using language and bullying tactics with those who dared to point out the obvious U$ failings or disagree with his blind patriotism and flag waving. Now, it is simply a form of poking the Missouri Mule for the fun of it.

    He too can simply ignore my comments, but he cannot resist the opportunity to try to upset me or put me down. He can never do that. Several tactical officers tried to break me, both physically and mentally, for weeks on end when I was at OCS and they too failed and I was commissioned. Davy is an amateur and never served in the military so he wouldn’t understand.

    Enjoy the debates, but keep an open mind or you too will be attacked by the less mature here.

  9. Davy on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 7:15 am 

    John, for some reason makati and cloggie think they are not retards. This site has degenerated into an anti-American orgy. It is daily, repetitive, and obsessive. It is disgusting and mainly from the stupid Anglosphere and from Eurotards. They then attract the US hating Americans. The real issues we should be talking about are drowned out by this nonsense.

  10. Makati1 on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 8:21 am 

    John, from the above Davy rant, I rest my case. ^_^

  11. onlooker on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 8:56 am 

    Yes, John don”t expect too much niceties on this venue as we are allowed to speak uncensored. And yes I think we should value most the posters who offer keen insights and are not here to win any popularity contests. You will find a diversity of views which also is appealing. If some posters don’t like each other and like to unnerve each other well that is life and also product of the destabilizing times we live in. I like to rebut any unrealistic optimism which is delusional given the current state of the planet and human societies. In doing so, it can help some to prepare mentally if not logistically. Oh and Mak and Davy have contributed much to the discussions

  12. TheNationalist on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 9:50 am 

    Hello Davy, please raise the real issues we should be talking about.
    All the U.S. / Trump bashing about the Paris agreement pull out is a failure in my opinion.
    The globalists want the U.S. and Europe to redistribute it’s wealth to countries like India who do nothing to help themselves.
    I would like to see you and Makati agree to disagree in a better way and move on, its not helping the forum like you say.
    Come on Makati ! make a pledge to be civil and be friends! Davy, You can do it!

  13. Davy on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 10:04 am 

    Nationalist, you have not been here long enough to realize I have proposed peace many times. Makati has no interest in it. I am fine with anti-Americansim if it is done right with balance and respect. You are balanced and reasonable. If more were like you I would not be saying a word. I am not going to sit around and be a punching bag. I give back what I receive. Screw the Assholes here. It is not hard to be an asshole. If I am quiet it is because the discussion is legitimate. If I raise hell it is because there is a circle jerk marathon in progress.

  14. boat on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 10:54 am 


    “I can debate with anyone who is open minded and doesn’t resort to name calling to express their frustration”.

    That’s funny, you have always been into name calling and insults. Your idea of open minded is couched hate and outrageous speculation.

  15. Cloud9.5 on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 1:45 pm 

    Buy some beans and rice. Hide and watch. We are witnessing a process.

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