Peak Oil is You

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Page added on November 29, 2008

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Do the Math

Let’s say you had one hundred women and hundred men on a planet and asked them to go at it and procreate as much as possible. Assuming the planet provided food and medical supplies, all one hundred women could get pregnant once every year, if not slightly more often. If we asked the next generation to carry on the experiment with the same vigor, every daughter could get pregnant as soon as she began ovulating. A generation could be twelve years in duration, or perhaps even less.

If all but ten of the original one hundred men were sterilized, and we asked for the same results, those ten man could still impregnate all one hundred women. If we then sterilized 90% of the male population before it reached maturity, the remaining 10% could still continue the experiment and impregnate every girl.

But if all but 10% of women were sterilized in any given generation and none of the men were sterilized, every generation would see 90% less pregnancies.

Long story short: Women make babies.

That’s important to remember, because the biggest, and perhaps the only, challenge facing humanity is overpopulation. Challenges emerging from peak oil, global warming, and war are compounded by human population to the degree that radical responses to these issues are practically nullified unless humans depopulate planet earth. Moreover, we can greatly mitigate most of the dangers these issues pose if we radically depopulate.

The best thing about depopulation is that humanity loses nothing. No culture, nation, or language is sacrificed. Humanity is not any safer or progressing any faster by having over six billion people instead of under three billion people living on the earth. In fact, the opposite is the case. We might have twice as good a chance of giving birth to a genius, but with overpopulation we don’t have the resources to properly educate every child, so that potential is wasted. Not only that, it is a lot more efficient to have a billion fully educated humans, and no others whose existences are limited to surviving, than over a billion educated with 6 billion more that tax resources.

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