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Page added on April 25, 2017

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DEEP STATE to wipe out 90% of the world’s population? 6.5 BILLION lives targeted for extinction

DEEP STATE to wipe out 90% of the world’s population? 6.5 BILLION lives targeted for extinction thumbnail

In the Bible, Revelation 18:21 reads, “Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea, and said: ‘With such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, never to be found again.’” Astonishingly, the map shown below may in fact be predicting that these words will come true just eight years from now.

The map, which uses data from widely available institutions like the CIA and the IMF to create its forecasts, predicts that 6.5 billion lives are at risk for extinction by the year 2024. It was originally obtained by All News Pipeline by one of their readers who goes by the alias “Proud,” who colored the countries that are expected to lose more than 20% of their population by 2024 in red. (RELATED: What happens when you combine nuclear power and a grid down event? Global extinction)

Notably, with the exception of Australia and New Zealand, most of the red countries are located in the Northern hemisphere and surround the Northern Atlantic Ocean basin. By contrast, most of the southern hemisphere consists of countries that are expected to grow in population by 2024.

Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that nearly all of the countries colored red on the map are considered to be western civilizations. As we all know, threats to destroy western civilization have been made for centuries, particularly from radical Islamists who seek to convert or slaughter all non-believers and ultimately establish a global caliphate. If the bold predictions portrayed on this map aren’t Biblical in nature, then the depopulation must be the result of violent force initiated by mankind itself.

A closer examination of the map reveals that some countries with significant population drops are next to other countries that aren’t showing much a decrease in population. “Proud” explains that this could be due to topography: “It was somewhat confusing,” he says. “I began to realize that, some areas were affected differently right next to each other due to topography, and delineating between biblical and SUPER biblical seemed pointless.”

“Proud” explained that he considered several different explanations for the predicted extinction of 6.5 billion human lives by 2024. For instance, he considered the possibility of a pole shift but ultimately concluded that only part of the northern hemisphere would be affected in that scenario. “Proud” also considered a war, which he determined didn’t make sense, and an ice age, but rejected that explanation as well. Finally, he concluded, “After thinking through scenario after scenario, the only explanation is an event like a meteor striking the earth somewhere up near Iceland.”

“Proud” mentions, however, that a meteor strike in the Northern Atlantic wouldn’t explain the population drops in Australia and New Zealand, leading him to believe that an event geared towards Western Civilization may be more likely.

“I noticed that many of the countries, that survive the massive depopulation, have high cliffs along their coastlines,” he further explains. “Some countries like Brazil, have high elevation for people to escape to, if given warning. It does appear to be based on some kind of data being given to them. Down right curious. God help us all.”

Although there are still many unanswered questions, one thing that we know for sure is that one day in the distant or not-so-distant future, another extinction event will occur. Whether it comes in the form of a deadly plague, war, or a massive meteor strike, it would behoove people – perhaps people living in the areas marked in red on the map in particular – to prepare for a survival situation. Stock up on food, carve out bunkers underneath the ground, and have emergency escape routes planned – you never know when you will need to use them.


20 Comments on "DEEP STATE to wipe out 90% of the world’s population? 6.5 BILLION lives targeted for extinction"

  1. makati1 on Tue, 25th Apr 2017 10:50 pm 

    Very interesting! And only 7 more years to go. The US must be in for a serious event soon. Interesting spread. Not looking good for the West. 100,000,000+ dead in the U$ alone.

  2. diemos on Tue, 25th Apr 2017 11:15 pm 


    Conspiracy theory crap?

  3. Cloggie on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 2:22 am 

    Regarding the numbers in the article, they are exaggerated in respect to time line. In reality the WHITE depopulation of the Northern Hemisphere will take a few decades more. But indeed, if nothing happens, Germany for instance will have a (white) population declining from 82 million now to 41 million in a few decades.

    White people have basically stopped having children, mostly as a consequence of feminism, individualism and intentional destruction of the family. Nobody ever talks about these consequences of modern values.

    Yesterday there was a meeting yesterday in Berlin named “Women’s 20”, attended by Merkel, Christine Lagarde, Ivanka Trump and queen Maxima (Holland), the latter two in flower

    The four air heads talked about how terrible it was that of the three heads of major companies, only one was a woman.

    Was this state of affairs work of the mysterious “deep state”? You bet, although I would use more direct descriptions of the real architects, but I won’t, just not to embarrass the host too much. Nevertheless I would especially advise our fellow poster Boat to read up a little on the intentional destruction of the West and perhaps get a little a clue about the world around him and the absolute necessity for new (old) values, think Roman values:

    Back to the real world:

    China has produced its 2nd air-craft carrier, this time all by itself. The first one was bought from the Ukraine. Build time: 5 years. A third aircraft carrier, that supposedly is even more advanced, is currently being build in Shanghai. For the moment China says that it needs 5-6 carriers.

    10 foreign naval bases are planned, for instance in Pakistan, a new Chinese client state, recently taken over from the US:

    The intention is clear: gaining naval supremacy over the South-China Sea. For starters.

    Der Spiegel claims this development is inconsequential as the US has 10 carriers.

  4. Cloggie on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 3:54 am 

    Bellboy Obama has done what was expected from him by his kosher handlers, namely driving home the point that America is no longer a white country any more, as well as meekly reading aloud the policy papers, as written by the CFR deep state policy institute, with a cocky voice into the microphone, in between two golf court sessions… and can now cash in the rewards: 400,000$ for a speech in front of a Walstraat audience, once naughtily but inconsequential dubbed as “fat cats” by Barack-Hussein:

    Good boy, Barack. Now you can disappear into the fog of history.

  5. deadlykillerbeaz on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 4:34 am 

    It’s about time there is a die-off of humans, there’s just too many of them.

    Especially in India and China. A 95 percent die-off in India and China would eliminate 2 billion of human pests.

    Brazil has 267 million people running around on the beaches. Far too many speaking Portuguese, a 95 percent drop there will be necessary. The rest of South America and Central America would suffer the same fate. There they were, gone.

    The migration of the nomads could move in a new direction, south.

    The US would empty out, there would be more room in other places in Asia and South America. That is why the population of the US would decline, the rest of the world would need people in those locations because the people that were there would be gone, shuffled off of their mortal coil.

    Revealed religions are just superstitions, revelations and the prophet syndrome are all bunkum and bosh.

    Pay no attention, nothing to see, keep on keeping on.

  6. makati1 on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 5:02 am 

    deadly, you didn’t look at the whole map, guess. There is no die off in China and an increase in India. It it all of the Western countries and their wannabees that will die off. Growth will continue in S.E.Asia and most of South America. The timeline may be off a few years either way, but if there is a solar EMP that takes out the electric grids, I would ask, who uses the most energy per capita? The West. That is one way the die off could happen.

  7. Davy on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 6:08 am 

    The die down is coming everywhere. It will hit hardest where the populations are the furthest from carrying capacity. Asia is going to be hit horribly since the population levels are greatest there and development is the fastest. Asia is exposed because of overpopulation and now is making matters worse by developing itself into a complexity trap the rich west is in. The developed west biggest issues is overpopulated centers that are in overshoot because of population and complexity of needs. Large urban industrial areas will break down with any economic decline or destructive event. They are too source in from globalism. This is true east, west, north, and south. There is nothing magic about location in globalism.

    The big plus for the west is low densities of surrounding lands. There is still agricultural potential for migrations from cities. This is small in relation to the degree of the problem but it will be something for some. In Asia on the other hand the rural areas that are overpopulated. The subsistence cultures have been destroyed by globalism recently as has happened earlier in the west. The current remaining Asian subsistence cultures will be overwhelmed by migrations to become all but useless. Asia will have a stampede of population out of mega urban areas that will further stress existing rural areas where food is produced. Asia has the worst of environmental quality decline that will further make matters worse. The north south divide will likely only save a few if there is a WWIII where NUK war and NUK plant meltdowns occur. The south is just as connected to the global lifeline.

    This is a complex picture of possibilities with one underlying reality of a necessary decline of a declining civilization. No areas are going to expand population because the support for that will be ended by any kind of end to globalism status quo. We are going to have agendas and conspiracy theories but one needs only look to nature to see what is ahead. Complex ecosystems fail and fail broadly. The succession will be dependent on how they fail and fate. Luck will play a big part in this.

  8. Cloud9 on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 7:38 am 

    The central hubris of this grand plan is the assumption that all the variables have been properly analyzed. Those of us who have not spent our lives in echo chambers surrounded by the likeminded and their follower sycophants know how easily grand schemes can go awry.

    Most of us know about the Georgia Guide Stones and the population projections over at Clearly there are people who consider themselves in the club who are thinking about these things. I have no doubt that there some idiots either knowingly or unknowingly who are standing at the fulcrum and will either advertently or inadvertently tip the balance at some point. Empires rise and fall. History is replete with examples.

    I for one believe that electricity is our Achilles Heel. I have spent weeks without power. The vast majority of the tools in my shop grind to a halt the moment the generator runs out of fuel. If the lights went out this afternoon, assuming that I am not killed by my neighbors I will live a year and 90 days. That is when the blood pressure medicine runs out. Within that time it is my fervent hope that I have secured my kids and given them a chance to make it through the bottleneck these idiots are hoping to unleash.

    My guess is that the vast majority of the intended die off will happen within the first 90 days. If by some means you can keep you and yours from having to join the panic for the essentials during that time I think your chances of survival will go up exponentially beginning with the ninety first day. Plan accordingly.

  9. AFDF on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 10:15 am 

    it’s amazing how bullshit words like deep state and globalists blah blah makes a lot of money for the people whose main purpose in life is to expell hot air

  10. AFDF on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 10:16 am 

    adding new world order in the mix

  11. Sissyfuss on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 10:35 am 

    Proud says” Delineating between between biblical and super biblical is pointless.” And delineating between cookoo and super cookoo is made much easier.

  12. bug on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 11:18 am 

    Who will bury all these bodies? I guess the vulture,feral pig and crow populations will explode. Invest in shovels.

  13. Apneaman on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 12:11 pm 

    The best strategy to survive is first find and set up a bugout to hole away in for up to a year. Next get really fucking fat (fastfood, Little Debbies, carbonated high fructose corn syrup drinks, etc). The only thing you will need to survive, barring meds like Cloud9, is a sufficient water supply/source. Easy peasy.

    I call it the Bargain Basement Bugout

    Dr Karl › Dr Karl’s Great Moments In Science

    A year without food

    “Back in June of 1965, a Scotsman weighing 207 kilograms, described as “grossly obese” and hereafter known only as Mr A B, turned up at the Department of Medicine at the Royal Infirmary in Dundee.

    He was sick of being fat and wanted to lose weight by eating nothing and living off his body fat. He told the hospital staff he was going to fast flat out, whatever they said, so they may as well monitor him along the way.

    He ended up fasting for one year and 17 days — that’s right, he ate no food at all for over a year. He lived entirely off his copious body fat, in the end losing about 125 kilograms of weight.

    Treating obesity by total starvation can be dangerous. There are many reports of total starvation leading to death. For example, some people have died of heart failure during the fast, while another died on the 13th day of his fast from small bowel obstruction. Some people have died during the re-feeding period after the fast — one from lactic acidosis.

    But to counter this, going hungry is natural. Humans like us (that’s Homo sapiens) have been around for the last 200,000 years and for most of that time, food was not always at hand. We evolved to survive with not enough food. Some studies actually show that fasting (or at least, calorie restriction) can have health benefits under certain circumstances.

    Once you stop eating, your body gets its energy from the glucose in your bloodstream and liver, thanks to your last meal. You carry a semipermanent 0.5 to 1 kilogram of solids in your gut. The glucose from this runs out after about eight hours.

    Then you start burning up a chemical called glycogen. Glycogen is simply a whole bunch of glucose molecules loosely stuck together. It’s stored in your liver and muscles. Glycogen is really easy to break down into the individual glucose molecules from which it was made. You can burn glycogen to get the glucose you need for about another 36 to 48 hours.

    After two or three days of fasting, you get your energy from two different sources simultaneously. A very small part of your energy comes from breaking down your muscles — but you can avoid this by doing some resistance training, otherwise known as pumping iron. The majority of your energy comes from breaking down fat.

    But very soon, you move into getting all your energy from the breakdown of fat. The fat molecules break down into two separate chemicals — glycerol (which can be converted into glucose) and free fatty acids (which can be converted into other chemicals called ketones). Your body, including your brain, can run on this glucose and ketones until you finally run out of fat.

    The average non-obese 70-kilogram male carries about 8,000 kilojoules of energy in glycogen, and about 400,000 kilojoules in his body fat.

    In the case of our big Scotsman, Mr A B, the staff in the medical school at the University of Dundee kept a close eye on him. He did not eat any food, but the staff gave him yeast for the first 10 months and multi-vitamins every day. Potassium is essential for the proper working of the heart, and when his potassium levels got a little low around the 100-day mark, he was given potassium tablets for about 70 days. He defaecated infrequently, roughly every 40 to 50 days.

    Blood samples were taken every fortnight, and his carbohydrate metabolism was checked on nine occasions during the 382 days of his fast. Surprisingly, for the last eight months of his fast, his blood glucose levels were consistently very low. They were around two millimoles, which is about half of the bottom end of the normal range. Even so, he did not suffer clinically from this abnormally low blood glucose level.

    His weight dropped from 207 kilograms to 82 kilograms. Some five years later, he had regained only 7 kilograms.

    In humans, fasting seems to have health benefits for high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and epilepsy in children. In animals, fasting seems to reduce the cognitive decline that happens in conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

    One problem with fasting is that you can get cranky and irritable (and sometimes hungry). Another is the lack of companionship with your fellow humans. After all, the word ‘companion’ comes from the roots ‘com’ meaning ‘with’ and ‘panis’ meaning ‘bread’. If you spend lots of time not sharing meals with your kith and kin, you run the risk of becoming an outsider.

    So to keep your friends, continue breaking bread — just don’t eat it.”


  14. ________________________________________ on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 6:24 pm 

    Die off needs to start with commentators. Then i’ll take several billion more

  15. Sissyfuss on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 7:01 pm 

    Watch it _____________________, you’ve crossed the line there.

  16. makati1 on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 7:04 pm 

    ___________, since you comment here, are you volunteering to be the first to off yourself? LMAO

  17. Boat on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 8:08 pm 


    You have a line. …..I’ll say………of all things……..a new level of decorum. Police that Mac dude, he lives for death. Sissy is the new line drawing thought police.

  18. Cloggie on Thu, 27th Apr 2017 2:52 am 

    This just in:

    Merely 2.5% of the folks from Africa entering Italy are bona fide refugees.

    Every “neo-Nazi” could have told you that, but “neo-Nazis” always lie, after all the Americans have said so themselves.

    What is so interesting is that now even commie refugee central United Nations is admitting it.

    Every right-winger should store this link, to be used in world-wide forum warfare.

  19. onlooker on Thu, 27th Apr 2017 3:27 am 

    If Deep State is targeting, it could be with an EMP or biological WMD and yes focused on the West with the biggest and most elite phychopaths who think they will ebdure in sparsely populated areas. They are already setting up their bunker systems and bug out locations as we speak If nature, I pretty much agree with Davy’s analysis but the West will severely affected also. So 6.5 billion sounds about right

  20. efarmer on Thu, 27th Apr 2017 11:04 am 

    The Deep State conspiracy builds on the end times religious themes that are so familiar. It substitutes the concept of souls going to paradise or not, with human beings parsing into the dead and the few manipulators who end up winning the planetary Monopoly Game and living on Bunker Boardwalk with a get out of jail free card and plenty of ammo and snacks. I often see it prefaced like this with a meet and greet round of sacred text quoting to get you warmed up on the heaven and hell duality before they redefine it with the Deep State duality and try to sell you seminars and survival goods. I like the Highlander myth better, it gets it down to one person left, which is novel, and no longer having to fight, he gets to make a fire and roast good eats on his sword, including smores for dessert, while he dreams about the good old days when there was danger and women.

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