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Page added on November 29, 2007

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Cuter Scooter Defined By Electricity, Portability

It’s energy efficient, it’s clean, compact and simple, and, above all, it’s very cool.

All of these factors could be significant in getting people to adopt a lightweight, electrically powered scooter designed by William J. Mitchell, the Alexander W. Dreyfoos Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences, and several of his students in MIT’s Smart Cities Group

Mitchell and his team envision the scooters being provided in racks at convenience stores, train stations and other convenient city locations as one-way rentals. Users would swipe a credit card to remove a scooter from the rack (in which its batteries would be kept fully charged up), unfold it for the trip and then fold it up again to deposit at another rack at the destination.

The whole design project was accomplished in eight months, “from a blank sheet to a built concept,” Mitchell said. … One key to their ability to accomplish the innovative design, he said, was that “they don’t know what’s ‘impossible,’ so they just go out and do it.”

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