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Page added on April 30, 2007

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Costa Rica: Power Rationing to Continue Today

Costa Rica’s energy crisis continued to be felt Friday and Saturday as residents in some parts of country dealt with power outages, and more rolling blackouts are planned for today, according to the Costa Rican Electricity Institute’s (ICE) Web site.

A schedule of the blackouts is posted on Viewers can click on the blue banner on the right side of the page reading

The country’s energy crisis became evident April 19 when a massive blackout left most of the country in the dark for hours. After smaller outages throughout last week, the Executive Branch declared the energy crisis a state of emergency (TT, April 27).

ICE president Pedro Pablo Quiros has said the outages will continue until the rainy season begins, explaining that a lack of water to power the country’s hydroelectric plants, as well as damaged thermal plants, are among causes of the blackout.

The Tico Times

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