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Page added on July 30, 2008

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Coalition is seeking more offshore drilling

Energy effort bypasses leaders in Congress


“People’s frustrations are boiling over,” said Rep. Nick Lampson, D-Stafford. “They’re getting tired of the finger pointing and saying, ‘Where are the solutions?’ ”

Today, a group of about two dozen House members, led by Rep. John Peterson, R-Pa., and Rep. Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawaii, are expected to unveil a package that would open more areas offshore to drilling.

To win over lawmakers from coastal states, the proposal would turn over to the states a portion of what otherwise would be the federal government’s take from offshore oil and gas production. And to entice lawmakers typically opposed to expanding oil and gas drilling, the measure would funnel a portion of the proceeds to alternative energy research, conservation and environmental cleanup.

Houston Chronicle

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