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Page added on November 28, 2008

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Charts Predict: Oil on its Way to $20

Crude oil prices will rally in the near-term, but then investors will see another sharp selloff that will take crude back down to seven-year lows, according to one technical analyst.

Looking at the chart for light, sweet crude, prices will rise to $76 to $80 in the next two months, Dick Otto from Matrix Asset Management said Friday. But then another slide is expected.

“What we seen when we look at the move down from $130 to $50 is an impulsive wave,” Otto said.

After the near-term rise, the next wave will also be “impulsive,” with prices touching the 2001 bottoms of about $20.

Once prices reach those levels, “we have completed the correction down and then we will find, in the next four to five years after that, an up market,” he said.


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