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Page added on July 30, 2007

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Cap on wind power riles critics

Alberta limiting production of green energy

The Stelmach government foresees nearly doubling the amount of wind-power generation allowed in Alberta, even as the province remains the only jurisdiction in Canada to cap the production of wind energy.

“There is every possibility that (the cap) could move to, in the interim, someplace around 1,500 megawatts,” said Energy Minister Mel Knight. “As we move along and Alberta’s system becomes more robust, and we’re able to integrate more wind, I can see it moving beyond that.”
The wind power industry is demanding the province go further than raising the amount of production permitted and remove the cap outright.

Alberta’s Electric System Operator introduced last year a limit of 900 megawatts of wind-energy generation, saying it was uncertain about whether wind conditions and patterns could be properly forecast — something needed to produce a reliable stream of power.

The decision enraged wind-energy producers, which have thousands of megawatts in the queue. The rules made Alberta the only jurisdiction in Canada to impose such a cap.

Calgary Herald

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