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Page added on February 28, 2008

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Canada: Emerson hints oil would be back on table if U.S. reopens NAFTA

OTTAWA – Trade Minister David Emerson suggested the United States has a sweet deal over access to Canada’s oil under the North American Free Trade Agreement, saying the two Democratic presidential candidates calling for renegotiations may not know just how good the U.S. has it under the deal.

Emerson said Wednesday that reopening the three-country trade deal would not be a one way street and that Canada also has its list of concessions it would seek if the continental pact was renegotiated.

“There’s no doubt if NAFTA were to be reopened we would want to have our list of priorities,” Emerson said.

“Knowledgeable observers would have to take note of the fact that we are the largest supplier of energy to the U.S. and NAFTA has been the foundation for integrating the North American energy market. When people get below the rhetoric and pick away at the details, they are going to find it’s not such a slam dunk proposition.”

The Canadian Press

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