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Page added on February 28, 2008

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Cameroonians Go to the Streets

Cameroonians went to the streets in almost all the ten provinces. They were agitating for several reasons, namely, increase in the price of fuel and other commodities, amendment of the 1996 constitution, human right abuse and many others. It was a pent-up anger that Cameroonians had nursed for a long while now. In almost all the province and divisions in the country , there was that solidarity in grounding activities. Movement between towns for the whole day was not possible as most activities stood at a stand-still.

In Buea, even though no life was reportedly lost, workers, students and business persons couldn’t operate normally for everything came to a stand-still as from 8am.The forces of law and order kept on throwing tear gas canisters in living quarters and even at students.
In the morning, students had protested, trying to mount barricades using stones, blocks and other raodside objects, preventing people from moving normally. They were however countered by the men in uniform who came fully prepared for the act. Until 7pm, Buea was still in a state of chaos.

In Kumba, it was reported the Brasseries depot and many other places had been taking hostage by the population, with the angry population looting everywhere. It was said Police came to the rescue when all had been carried away.Stories reaching us from Kumba said “All business places are completely shut down now.


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