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Page added on February 28, 2008

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Cameroon: Government Reduces Fuel Prices

After a meeting between Government officials and some leaders of transporters syndicates in Yaounde, the government of Cameroon, Wednesday, February 27, reduced the prices of petroleum products.

The population say they will continue the strike because the amount reduced is very insignificant and all their problems have not been addressed.The strike led to the absence of basic commodities. There was no flow of goods in and out of major towns, stores, offices and business places were all locked. Bars were the most populated areas and it was observed in the days ahead, they might run short of available stock since supplies can’t reach them at this moment.
People lost trust in the official media whom they say doesn’t give the real situation in the field. With the emergence of private radio, TV stations and cell phones, people where abreast with the tempo of affairs from the various provinces. In Buea, there has been an exchange of teargas and stones between law officers and the population.


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