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Page added on December 31, 2008

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California’s OriginOil seeks better way to grow algae

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – One could say they are working on the green slime that could change the world.

In an unassuming converted warehouse in Los Angeles, the 10 employees of OriginOil are working to perfect the way microscopic algae is grown and refined.

They hope that within a few years the methods they use to make small batches of greenish-colored algae mixtures in the laboratory will be imitated in 2,500-gallon (9,460 liter) tanks around the world. And that the oil extracted from the algae will in many cases replace petroleum.

OriginOil is in a race with hundreds of other companies to find an affordable way to convert algae to energy. Algae promises to use less land, water and other resources than other biofuels, such as corn.

Reuters UK

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