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Page added on November 29, 2007

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BP to plead guilty to environmental crime

Photo shows 7-inch layer of dull black sludge caking bottom of a pipeline

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Alaska subsidiary of oil company BP PLC is scheduled to plead guilty to an environmental crime on Thursday, and federal prosecutors have released new photos showing the company’s failure to clean out the pipelines at the nation’s largest oil field.

BP Exploration Alaska Inc. is set to plead guilty to one violation of the Clean Water Act for a 200,000-gallon crude oil spill at the Prudhoe Bay field in March 2006, according to a filing by federal prosecutors.

The company agreed last month to pay $20 million in fines related to the spill, the largest ever in the vast, oil-rich region of Arctic Alaska known as the North Slope.

The settlement was one of several struck between the oil and gas giant and federal investigators in the resolution of probes across the U.S.

BP agreed to pay another $353 million in fines and restitution over the manipulation of energy markets in the Midwest and in connection with a refinery explosion that killed 15 people in Texas.


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