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Page added on December 28, 2008

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Alternative energy plan delayed by Gaza offensive

The new war in Gaza had an unintended casualty on Sunday – a crucial decision concerning Israel’s alternative energy economy.

The cabinet was slated to discuss on Sunday – after weeks of delay – a proposal to declare the Negev and the Arava preferred areas for alternative energy production. However the discussion, and thus any decision, was delayed again as a result of the situation in the South.

The proposal, the product of a year’s worth of effort on the part of the National Infrastructures Ministry, would codify the ministry’s plan to build a new solar power plant every year from 2010 to 2020. It would also offer incentives which would enable solar power companies and their investors to foot the bill for solar panels and plants.

While the major piece of regulation holding up the large-scale production of solar energy fields is a feed-in tariff for medium-sized fields, solar power company officials told The Jerusalem Post, declaring the Negev and the Arava preferred areas was the second biggest government decision the companies needed.

Jerusalem Post

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