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PeakOil is You

PeakOil is You

Happy Talk

General discussions of the systemic, societal and civilisational effects of depletion.

Re: Happy Talk

Unread postby Ibon » Wed 03 Jul 2019, 19:46:29

KaiserJeep wrote:ibon, are you contemplating selling that coffee online? I am a caffiene fiend and currently enjoy a combination of PNG (Papua New Guinea) and Tanzania Peaberry, and sometimes Kona when it is gifted to me. I am sure your beans are unique and I'm interested.

FYI I can roast small amounts (I use a hot air popcorn popper) and then grind the beans by hand, and use either a Melita drip filter or a classic Bialetti coffee maker on the stove for European style.

This IS "Happy Talk" for me, by the way. If the rest of you are not interested, I will take this exchange into PMs.

I liked your video. Sometimes back in Silicon Valley, when I was awake early in the morn, I would breakfast early and take the "long way" to work, through the Almaden Valley and Almaden-Quicksilver Park. The Santa Cruz mountains gleamed in the dawn light, and sometimes the Sun would illuminate a river of clouds flowing through the Watsonville gap or even Almaden Valley itself, from the Pacific marine layer.

It was indeed, a religious experience.

I will PM you. We do sell green beans in limited amounts. Our production is still quite small.

Here is a recent article regarding Panama's award winning coffee.... ... e-costs-75

We actually grow Geisha , Typica, Caturra, Cataui, Pacamara, all in small volumes... Great high elevation coffee.
Our resiliency resembles an invasive weed. We are the Kudzu Ape
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Re: Happy Talk

Unread postby Newfie » Sat 13 Jul 2019, 17:16:12

Found some rust on my boat. Not a “design” flaw but implementation. The previous owner got carried away with the spray foam insulation and had some where it should not have been. It trapped moisture creating rust, heavy in some places. I’ve just finished cutting out the bad area and am prepping for welding. I had to cut out some interior wood work, the chain locker, and remove the losing tank to gain access. The area is under our bed so every morning we have to remove the mattress and it’s supports to go to work.

Oddly enough somehow this doesn’t bother me. Another Boatus was commenting on it, the zen of boating, you just come to accept it as your fate and carry on.

Odd, I can’t attach a pic?
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Re: Happy Talk

Unread postby Cog » Wed 17 Jul 2019, 10:55:40

Down to 203.5 lbs. Its getting harder to lose weight now and it has slowed down. Some women in my weight loss club and have said 180 would make me look gaunt. But at 6' 1" I still think 180 lbs would be preferable. We will see.
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