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THE Democrat Thread Pt. 3

A forum for discussion of regional topics including oil depletion but also government, society, and the future.

Re: THE Democrat Thread Pt. 3

Unread postby Plantagenet » Wed 17 Jul 2019, 15:41:57

lpetrich wrote: Dwight Eisenhower was a Communist, as the founder of the John Birch Society had apparently believed......

Would you please try to post things that make sense?

I'm sure you have some interesting ideas....why not share your own interesting ideas with us instead of posting 70-year-old nonsense about Dwight Eisenhower?

Thank you.

"Its a brave new world"
---President Obama, 4/25/16
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Re: THE Democrat Thread Pt. 3

Unread postby Newfie » Wed 17 Jul 2019, 19:18:41

As if Hillary Clinton was the liberal Donald Trump. Dream on.

Actually I think she would have worse. I didn’t think so at the time of election but following all the FBI/DOJ dirty work on her behalf has brought me to that conclusion.

I still don’t like Trump, but that doesn’t make Hillary any more appealing.
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Re: THE Democrat Thread Pt. 3

Unread postby careinke » Sat 20 Jul 2019, 03:20:05

KaiserJeep wrote:Sorry to break it to you, but blockchain is a dead end technology. I say this from the perspective of a computer professional with 34 years in the industry. The computing resources needed to confirm blockchains are not compatible with sub-microsecond transaction rates.

In case nobody ever shared this with you, what digital currencies are really all about is paying for illegal substances and services with a secure online currency that is not easily traceable by the law enforcement agencies. This is being done in the furtherence of crime, and not in the name of freedom as the published literature would have you believe. No, they are not one and the same.

As for the accuracy of the information in a repository, the only thing that blockchain tech provides in this application is an assurance that the information downloaded is the same as what was originally created. IOW, that you got the actual original content.

There is no assurance that the original content is correct, complete, or appropriate. I am an amatuer historian with multiple published articles on the late 17th and early 18th century whaling industry. As such I had to learn the reason that a distinction is made between "history" (defined as information 100+ years old) and "current events" (defined as more recent events that still exist in the memories of those that experienced them). WW1 is history, WW2 is current events. History is recorded after a long and scholarly debate and the comparison of as many sources as possible. Even with these criteria, certain areas of the past are not settled - the best example I can think of being the US Civil War. Debate is lively and ongoing, and the history is still unsettled when it comes to those momentous events.

Excuse me, I thought we were discussing ways to track "corrections" made to documents on the internet. The only way I know to do that, without being counterfeited, is through blockchain technology.

Your other assertions also lack merit and are severely outdated. Afterall, Block chain was not even invented until 2008, so your 8086 technology is a little outdated.

BTW Cash is a much better option for using in criminal activities. It happens everyday, are you advocating the elimination of the dollar? Why would you use a currency like Bitcoin that can be easily tracked?
Cliff (Start a rEVOLution, grow a garden)
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Re: THE Democrat Thread Pt. 3

Unread postby KaiserJeep » Sat 20 Jul 2019, 03:36:30

Cash is also easily tracked. The bills are serialized and any cash transaction within sight of an HD camera creates a tranaction record. Yes, transactions occur out of sight of cameras, and bills are easily tracked by serial number. Every deposit goes through a cash machine, every withdrawal creates a list of bills. Transactions can be inferred when serialized bills crop up in other people's hands.
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Re: THE Democrat Thread Pt. 3

Unread postby dissident » Thu 01 Aug 2019, 21:11:28

The D. Party is full of scum:

The D. Party should be renamed to "If you do not vote for us you are Putin's puppet" Party. One note Johnny abuse of power kleptocrats.
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Re: THE Democrat Thread Pt. 3

Unread postby Cog » Fri 16 Aug 2019, 05:53:27

I'm really hope Warren gets the nomination but Kamala Harris works as well for pure entertainment value. Both will be beaten like a dog by Trump. The memes write themselves.

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