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Syrian Hostage Situation

For discussions of events and conditions not necessarily related to Peak Oil.

Syrian Hostage Situation

Unread postby vox_mundi » Thu 18 Oct 2018, 10:57:25

Putin Says Islamic State Has Seized 700 Hostages in Syria

SOCHI, Russia (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Islamic State (IS) militants had seized nearly 700 hostages in part of Syria controlled by U.S.-backed forces and had executed some of them and promised to kill more.

Speaking in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, Putin said the hostages included several U.S. and European nationals, adding that Islamic State was expanding its control in territory on the left bank of the River Euphrates controlled by U.S. and U.S.-backed forces.
... “They have issued ultimatums, specific demands and warned that if these ultimatums are not met they will execute 10 people every day. The day before yesterday they executed 10 people”

The TASS news agency reported on Wednesday that IS militants had taken around 700 hostages in Syria’s Deir-al Zor province after attacking a refugee camp in an area controlled by U.S.-backed forces on Oct.13.

TASS said the militants had kidnapped around 130 families and taken them to the city of Hajin.

Appearently ISIS has forgotten how Putin's former KGB dealt with hostage takers and; that Russia could care less about the fate of the hostages. Question is: What will Trump do?

KGB Reportedly Gave Arab Terrorists a Taste of Brutality to Free Diplomats

JERUSALEM — The KGB has adopted novel, brutal and apparently effective methods of dealing with terrorists who attack Soviet interests in the Middle East, an Israeli newspaper reported Monday.

The Jerusalem Post said the Soviet secret police last year secured the release of three kidnaped Soviet diplomats in Beirut by castrating a relative of a radical Lebanese Shia Muslim leader, sending him the severed organs and then shooting the relative in the head.

The incident began when four Soviet diplomats were kidnaped last September by Muslim extremists who demanded that Moscow pressure the Syrian government to stop pro-Syrian militiamen from shelling rival Muslim positions in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli.

The militiamen, the Jerusalem paper said, did not cease their attacks, and the body of one of the Soviet diplomats, Arkady Katkov, was found a few days later in a field in Beirut.

The KGB then apparently kidnaped and killed a relative of an unnamed leader of the Shias' Hezbollah (Party of God) group, a radical, pro-Iranian group that has been suspected of various terrorist activities against Western targets in Lebanon.

Parts of the man's body, the paper said, were then sent to the Hezbollah leader with a warning that he would lose other relatives in a similar fashion if the three remaining Soviet diplomats were not immediately released. They were quickly freed.

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Russia failed to protect the hostages of the Beslan school siege in which about 330 people died in 2004.

In the siege, Chechen rebels took more than 1,000 hostages, mostly children. The operation by Russian forces to end it used disproportionate force, the court added.

No Russian official has been held responsible for the high number of deaths, which included 186 children. ... ya.russia3

... As snow fell, the lifeless figures of theatregoers still wearing their evening dress were piled up on the concrete terrace of the foyer.
... 'You need to send buses for the bodies,' screamed one policeman as ambulances and coaches flooded into the car park, 'not ambulances.'

Last night, as the number of hostages to perish in yesterday's early morning armed assault to free them from their Chechen captors nudged towards 100, President Vladimir Putin appealed for 'forgiveness' from the relatives of those who died.
.. 'We have not been able to save them all. Forgive us,' he said in a national televised address, although he did not comment on how and why so many died.

His dramatic comments came as evidence emerged that many of the hostages may have perished after Russian special forces unleashed a toxic gas to render the hostage takers helpless.
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Re: Syrian Hostage Situation

Unread postby dissident » Thu 18 Oct 2018, 19:06:55

Brain dead propaganda.

1) Some Israeli fiction about Hezbollah "terrorism" is a total joke. Israel calls Hezbollah terrorists because they kicked them out of Lebanon (Israel was an occupant of the south for a long time). In 2006, Hezbollah beat back an Israeli invasion and that is something Israel can never forgive. All of the Islamic terrorism is Sunni and is sponsored by the butcher Saudis and their Gulf allies.

2) Cute how in the case of Russia talking about the KGB 28 years after the fall of communism is considered normal by the OP as if there is some sort of continuity. How about we keep on talking about the Reich and the Gestapo when Germany is discussed since obviously 1945 has no significance.

3) NATO kangaroo courts making judgements on special forces operations in Russia is beyond ludicrous. This court never had any of the special forces and hostages as witnesses. It is the same as some internet user posting about how "in the west" zero casualties would result from any hostage rescue operation. How about this kangaroo court consider the case of 9/11 and how the US government failed the 3000 victims of Saudi terrorism.
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