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Hydrogen Is Back (?)

Discussions of conventional and alternative energy production technologies.

Hydrogen Is Back (?)

Unread postby Dybbuk » Sat 17 Feb 2018, 14:03:32

For people who understand the challenges of fossil fuel depletion, mentions of hydrogen always elicit eyerolls. But this article suggests that hydrogen may be a useful tool after all. ... ch-storage

The article is in desperate need of a TL;DR translation. Basically here's what I think it's saying:
1. Yes, hydrogen is negative EROEI, so it can't be considered as a primary energy source.
2. BUT, it can be a useful tool in transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy, because...
3. The problem of switching over internal combustion engines can be sped up. The fact that people and companies invest in ICE's and expect them to last decades, and aren't going to just scrap them prematurely in favor of green vehicles, creates a frustrating lag problem, but here is solution to retrofit existing ICE's so that they don't have to be scrapped, and...
4. The reality of intermittent power generation by solar and wind creates a problem for home electricity generation that batteries aren't a very satisfactory solution for. But hydrogen could be fashioned into an improvement on existing battery technology with a leap in the efficiency of electrolysis, which this company may be on the verge of developing.

I wanted to hear the cynical (realistic?) counterpoint to this article, so I figured this forum was the perfect place to find it!
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Re: Hydrogen Is Back (?)

Unread postby asg70 » Sat 17 Feb 2018, 14:32:20

"A small, onboard electrolyzer"

HHO like this was big 10 years ago and ultimately felt like perpetual-motion machines because of the need to use the alternator to crack hydrogen from water on the fly, the alternator that is driven by the gas/diesel. I don't really buy the 27% efficiency gains here.

ICEs running on hydrogen are nothing new. They're the equivalent of a natural gas vehicle at that point.

The hydride storage is interesting but it will ultimately succeed or fail based on the underlying costs.

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Re: Hydrogen Is Back (?)

Unread postby coffeeguyzz » Sat 17 Feb 2018, 15:39:35

Keep an eye on Nikola Motor for just one measure of how fast/viable this hydrogen stuff may turn out to be.
Apparently, they feel an electric, class 8 truck using a hydrogen fuel cell is the future.
Recent innovations in solar-sourced elecyrolysis to produce cheap hydrogen seems to play a role.

Beats me what the future will bring, but - as a staunch fossil fuel advocate - I would never underestimate what determined fuzzy heads will create/produce with enough motivation.

Non stop innovation points to a very different future from our recent past.
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