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PeakOil is You

PeakOil is You

Helium in the high desert highlands

How to save energy through both societal and individual actions.

Helium in the high desert highlands

Unread postby AdamB » Mon 01 Jan 2018, 00:09:44

Helium is important to the United States of America. Western Colorado and eastern Utah together will play a modest but important role in providing America with this lesser known naturally occurring gas central to the nation's modern standard of living. In 2016, The Wild Earth Guardians protested mineral leases north of Grand Junction auctioned by the Bureau of Land Management. The leases were nominated for drilling within an existing historical gas production area. The Wild Earth Guardians' indiscriminate, copy-and-paste approach to stopping commercial production of all public minerals reveals an eco-opposition business model that doesn't consider how such mineral leases might matter to the greater national interest. The group's dogmatic opposition to all development, in this case though, left them humorously blind to a fact: the Wild Earth Guardians are opposing helium production all the while thinking they're trying to stop

Helium in the high desert highlands
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Re: Helium in the high desert highlands

Unread postby Tanada » Mon 01 Jan 2018, 11:01:51

Yup, this is a case of NIMBY writ large where the effectively Luddite true believers will oppose everything just because they can without understanding it as a substantive issue that will effect millions or even billions of lives.
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