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THE Saudi Arabia Thread pt 6

A forum for discussion of regional topics including oil depletion but also government, society, and the future.

Re: THE Saudi Arabia Thread pt 6

Unread postby Zarquon » Tue 26 Nov 2019, 20:33:20

Outcast_Searcher wrote:Hell, they could pay some group of militants to do the strikes, with high-fives all around when the oil price trends higher.

I'm NOT claiming this is the case, although given the financial sums over time, I don't completely discount the possibility of such shenanigans either.

But at least if we're going to go conspiracy theory lore -- let's go with theories that at least make some sense, IMO.

What about the theory that US sanctions are, of course, all about Iranian nukes - but they also conveniently keep 2 million bpd of crude off the market? Bah, coincidence doesn't prove causality.
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