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PeakOil is You

THE Iran & the Nuclear Factor Thread pt 2 (merged)

For discussions of events and conditions not necessarily related to Peak Oil.

Re: THE Iran & the Nuclear Factor Thread pt 2 (merged)

Unread postby Plantagenet » Wed 10 Apr 2019, 12:07:18

dissident wrote: What has the ING done to civilians anywhere?

As Cog noted above, the ING played a central role in the civil war and terrorism in Iraq, including the supply of IEDs to Iraqi terror groups.

Iran and the ING are now deeply involved in the war in Syria, which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths and the creation of massive numbers of refugees.

The ING also played a role in the kidnapping of US citizens in Iran which were used as leverage against the Obama administration.

AND, there is evidence that the ING is involved in drug running to the west, which is enough to censure them right there IMHO.


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