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Multiculturalism is bad for feminism.

For discussions of events and conditions not necessarily related to Peak Oil.

Re: Multiculturalism is bad for feminism.

Unread postby Subjectivist » Tue 13 Nov 2018, 09:54:18

EnergyUnlimited wrote:
Kylon wrote:Feminism won't go away, it will simply change form.

Those women who are feminist now, will be feminist later, even if they have to make concessions.

So, what form will feminism take politically?

We will hear again argumets about maximum thickness of stick, which can lawfully be used for wife beating purpose.

I'm thinking that feminist, seeing a possible complete erosion of their freedoms will opt for some type of stalinesque government in order to try and maintain the rights and privileges that feminism has procured for women at the expense of men.

The point is, that women will lose jobs giving them freedom now.
Substantial proportion of "in office" or "value added" jobs will be lost.
I can imagine feminist manually laboured girl farm or female teams working in mines, like some of them in China do, but it is not what western feminists (and close to 100% of of the mill females) are after.
So the moovement will lose most of means to carry on.

Women will be afraid that without a ultra powerful government in place, men won't share the pie. So they'll make concessions in the short term such as going back to a more traditional way of life temporarily, while using all of their political force to reinforce the government's power, at the expense of personal freedoms. Once the government is completely totalitarian, and in control, and the nanny state has been constructed, they will go back to pursuing their freedoms with feminist friendly dictators.

Possibly that will be attempted.
Nevertheless totalitarian governments are not lasting long and struggle between sexes to achieve supremacy is one of best ways to stop any system from working.

The new nanny state will be completely biased in favor of women instead of men.

PO & GW will deal with "nanny state" concept.
What do you think?

Feminists organizations may attempt that as last ditch attempt to stay afloat, but overally in PO environment they are doomed.
That is only a matter of (not very long) time.

That is the core issue, how much inclusion is enough? No matter how inclusive you or your society is there will always be a smaller minority claiming they need privileged status to right some slight.
II Chronicles 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
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Re: Multiculturalism is bad for feminism.

Unread postby Tanada » Wed 14 Nov 2018, 12:51:04

Real equal rights feminists are much more common in the younger generation than the older generation in my experience. The 1950-1985 era had a lot of work made towards the goal of equal pay for equal work and so on, but then biological clocks started alarming and a lot of the average feminists left the movement to start families and raise kids as they hit 35 and up.

This left behind the hard core anti-male types who either did not want children or could not for various reasons enter the reproduction for self worth meme. Those types went off the deep end demanding more and more, but they lacked the political clout because the core message had changed from equality before the law to privileged status. To get back their political clout they banded together with anyone who looked to be a minority to work towards more privileges. Unfortunately they were so desperate for allies they gathered together with small groups who are the polar opposite of female empowerment, like the Sharia Law movement faction of Islamic faith people. In doing so they made themselves an object of ridicule of anyone who uses logic to examine positions. How can NOW support Islamic fundamentalists who want to literally take away all female rights? How can NOW support trangender 'females' who are now earning all new 'female' records in sports because they are men with male muscle structure and hormone advantages?

NOW is killing Feminism by supporting anti female groups. It stuns me how vapid their arguments are when this is pointed out.
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