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PeakOil is You

Are economists idiots or psychos?

Discussions about the economic and financial ramifications of PEAK OIL

Re: Are economists idiots or psychos?

Unread postby Newfie » Sun 24 Dec 2023, 12:33:39

davep wrote:It's hard to tell, but either way, mainstream economists are ignoring the dangers of climate change and resource depletion, or worse, using euphemisms to suggest pain in the global south will help GDP in temperate countries.

Some years ago Danny Kahneman, a psychologist, got a Nobel Prize for his work proving the falsity of our fundamental assumptions under pinning modern economic theory. But the Economist have ignored his findings.

So ask yourself, would sane people ignore such concrete findings?

Where else in life do we find people who dogmatically believe in a invisible being who guides our actions with invaluable accuracy?

This linked book is a laymams explanation. I found it one of the most influential books I have ever read. ... 82ac4f6ac6
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