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PeakOil is You

100 Percent Renewables: The Resources are There, Says UN Rpt

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Re: 100 Percent Renewables: The Resources are There, Says UN

Unread postby theluckycountry » Wed 06 Sep 2023, 03:50:19

yellowcanoe wrote:
My understanding is that all the bauxite used to produce aluminum in Canada is imported. The article you linked to is confusing -- they talk about "mining" but they are clearly talking about the manufacture of aluminum

You are correct, it's all imported. If I could retract that earlier post I would.
That link, and many others, obfuscate this fact about the bauxite. I though by referencing multiple sources, which I typically do, I would have found the truth of the matter. I don't know why they 'lie' about this? Perhaps it's Green Washing, they don't want the public to think about how much oil is spent getting the ore there. I imagine that takes the shine off the "Green Hydro" aluminium produced. We're talking about Rio Tinto here, they are Satan's Spawn, a global strip mining octopus.
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