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THE Bees Thread Pt. 2

Re: THE Bees Thread Pt. 2

Unread postby JuanP » Mon 29 Mar 2021, 11:47:33

I like listening to UF's "Two bees in a podcast" podcasts. I just thought I'd share this with other people interested in this. I have five hives at one of the farms at this time, plus a couple of wild ones on dead trees. I also recommend the UF Bee Research and Extension Lab, which has a lot of resources for bee keepers, including classes and courses at all levels on their Bee College, some of them virtual and available from anywhere in the world.


Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab:

Bee College: ... e-college/
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Re: THE Bees Thread Pt. 2

Unread postby Shaved Monkey » Tue 16 May 2023, 02:35:32

Australia using AI hives to monitor and control varroa mite

The “smart” hive, which was positioned at the edge of Townsville port on Monday, is expected to attract bees carrying the deadly varroa mite that have hitched a ride to Australia on cargo ships.
The hives have two cameras “top and bottom that scan each bee going in and out”.

Whenever a bee enters the hive, it is scanned to see if it is carrying the mite, Murugan said. “And then once it has found a mite it will send an SMS alert.”

This will help authorities respond to any infected bees before the mite can spread. ... arroa-mite
Australia was the only place with out it
Its entered Australia via cargo ships in the port of Newcastle
Theres been a hive eradication program to try and control it in NSW ... /102125890
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