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PeakOil is You

PeakOil is You

Happy Talk

General discussions of the systemic, societal and civilisational effects of depletion.

Re: Happy Talk

Unread postby AdamB » Thu 08 Sep 2022, 10:36:22

The_Toecutter wrote: I don't know of ANY type of car you can pedal if the motor fails or if you run out of fuel.

Maybe because....there isn't any demand for such a thing? An interesting curiosity to be sure but I've got to tell you Toe, 1.3+ million miles in cages alone and I've never run out of fuel or had a motor fail. Ever. Come to think of it, 250k on motorcycles, and never run out of fuel or had a motor go on one of those either, street or track.

I had a tranny blow once? First cage ever, didn't check manual tranny fluid after I bought it, slow leak, blew main bearing one evening. But from Brownsville to Prudhoe Bay spanning parts of 6 decades now, no need for pedals because of lack of fuel or blown engines. Might you be supposing a solution for a problem that doesn't exist?

The Toecutter wrote:Range anxiety will simply not exist with this vehicle, since it is light enough to drag it to a location if one must.

Range anxiety in gassers doesn't exist with even half assed trip planning across North America. Including to Prudhoe Bay Alaska or Goose Bay Labrador. Could come in handy in Mongolia or Siberia perhaps?
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Armageddon » Thu 09 Feb 2006, 10:47:28
whales are a perfect example as to why evolution is wrong. Nothing can evolve into something that enormous. There is no explanation for it getting that big. end of discussion
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Re: Happy Talk

Unread postby Shaved Monkey » Thu 22 Sep 2022, 04:07:10

Just got a low chill peach nectarine and plum
Just need to hope we get 150 hours of chill

This year we definitely did it was a surprisingly cold winter for the sub tropics.....a few Antarctic blasts went up the east cost we got to 16C in the day light a few times usually doesn't get below 20C

....I have had success in the past and a local farmer grows a few varieties
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