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PeakOil is You

Peak Boomers

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Re: Peak Boomers

Unread postby randomguyonabike » Wed 01 Jun 2022, 18:50:29

EnergyUnlimited wrote:
noobtube wrote:
In World War 2, almost all deaths were men.
In the Korean War, almost all deaths were men.
In the U. S., Vietnam War, 58,000 men died. 70 women died.
In the Iraq War, almost all the deaths were men.
In the War on Terruh, the vast majority of deaths were men.

Women don't go to jail. Women win everything in divorce. Women get free stuff just for breathing. Women can kill their babies, while the man has no choice.

Yet, these dumb broads got the nerve to scream about equality, fair treatment, and how they are so oppressed. What's crazier, is these stupid-ass Boomers indulged this garbage to the point the United States is falling behind the China-Russia axis.

I know the Red countries have to be scratching their heads why the U. S. is letting their women run the country into the ground.

Boomers have created generations of spoiled, selfish, lazy, entitled, impatient, self-absorbed brats... just like themselves. There is no way the United States can continue like this without continual disruptions.

I have one good news for you.
Societies promoting "woman rights" as priority are getting destroyed right now.
Everywhere, with no exception.
Watch & laugh.
It is fun.

Mother Nature does not believe in women rights :-D

I agree with you.

If you ever read John Glubb who actually studied these matters in the early 1900s, he found that when a society unleashes the sexual morality of women and there is no longer pre-marital chastity then that society seizes to exist within 3 generations.

If you look throughout the Western World you will see that all of those societies are seizing to exist currently and are depopulating themselves.

The other clowns on the forum have probably never heard of Sir John Glubb. The work he wrote was called "Sex and Culture". He studied a number of different societies and found that each one that unleashed women seized to exist. We will be no different from them.
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Re: Peak Boomers

Unread postby Plantagenet » Thu 02 Jun 2022, 13:42:23

randomguyonabike wrote: when a society unleashes the sexual morality of women and there is no longer pre-marital chastity then that society seizes to exist within 3 generations.....

Not true.....the decadent days of the Roman empire lasted 10+ generations....

AND ... unleashing the sexual morality of women isn't all bad ------think of all the fun you can have before everything collapses!.....

250 million thousand people have died of covid---Joe Biden
Never underestimate the ability of Joe Biden to f#@% things up---Barack Obama

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