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The Pressurized Air Car?

Discussions of conventional and alternative energy production technologies.

Re: The Pressurized Air Car?

Unread postby Subjectivist » Tue 09 Oct 2018, 16:17:45

The real reason nobody is building CAV's,
The answer is almost always money, honey.

Peugeot isn’t risking it because they’d take a bath. Without the government incentive, why would a manufacturer put their eggs — ANY eggs — in a Hybrid-Air system basket?

The R&D costs, the durability and safety testing of components/subsystems/the whole vehicle, production/marketing of the final product must all be considered. I reckon this “moonshot” is a dangerous investment: only Tesla has the juice (and dat market cap) to make cars while often losing money.

There’s nothing wrong with moonshots: the Toyota Prius is proof. Between a Federal boondoggle Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles that (not?) surprisingly produced zilch for would-be buyers, the California ZEV initiative, and whatever Jim Press was alluding to, Toyota had ample reason to give their hybrid system a shot in Japan and the USA.

I’m not gonna speculate to the validity of Hybrid Air Systems in the real world of motoring: it’d be awesome to see it hit the road to see the pros and cons firsthand.

But follow the money and you’ll totally see why it had to die. ... r-engines/
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Re: The Pressurized Air Car?

Unread postby Tanada » Mon 06 Sep 2021, 11:33:52

Air Pod on Shark Tank July 16, 2020


Look out Tesla Motors, the Air Pods from Zero Pollution Motors is looking to manufacture a green motor powered by air. The AirPod’s a three-wheeled vehicle with two unique doors and controlled by a joystick instead of a steering wheel. Compared to a Tesla Car entirely run on battery power, you can buy a dozen Air Pod’s running on nothing but compressed air. Obviously two completely different ways powering vehicle’s in the future, but as far as looks go, we’ll, there’s no comparison.

The entrepreneurs pitching to the Shark’s in this Episode 626 on the Shark Tank is the President of Zero Pollution Motors, Ethan Tucker, and famous singersong writer Pat Boone. Filling up an Air Pod vehicle is similar to filling up the air compressor out in the garage. It takes about the same time filling up a car with gas as it does to top-off a tank of air in the AirPod. As far as safety goes, the air tanks on the Air Pod is made from carbon fiber and designed to split and safely let the compressed air out with no explosion.

Neither Pat Boone or Ethan Tucker invented the technology for the Air Pod but obtained exclusive rights to begin production and start selling these vehicles running on air in the USA.
The average retail price for an AirPod is under $10,000.00 each, and considering how abundant air is for filling up the tank, this seems like a cheap viable mode of local transportation.

The primary concept to bring Air Pods to the US market is create micro production factories all across America. By creating multiple micro production factories will, in theory, keep production costs down and cheaper and greener to deliver vehicles to customers. Hawaii was mentioned for the first production plant during a Indiegogo Campaign ending in March 2014, and most likely will be brought up during the Shark Tank Show. The campaign, however, may have proved the US market might not be ready driving around in this rather unusual three-wheeled vehicle.
The Air Pod by Zero Pollution Motors Reviews before Shark Tank

I think air compressed motors powerful enough to power motorized vehicles is a fantastic idea that’ll gain traction especially after this Episode 626 airs on the Shark Tank May 1, 2015. What I’m not sure of is the overall design of the Air Pods, which, to me, looks a little buggy-like for lack of better words. The technology for air compressed motors is sound, but its interesting Zero Pollution Motors is going all-in with a car design so far off in the future. Take the same concept and put it into redesigning golf carts or ATV’s first, for instance, would help sell Air Pods for transportation around town a little easier.

The press release pictures Disney and ABC released for this episode of the Shark Tank shows Tucker and Boone standing in front of what looks like a cardboard cut out of the Air Pod Car. Unfortunately, it looks like the Sharks will not be driving around the Air Pod and demonstrating this unique vehicle to millions of Shark Tank Fans. That’s too bad because watching the Sharks drive a 3-wheeled car with a joystick steering wheel would’ve been a site to see.

Would you pay $10,000.00 for a vehicle running on nothing but compressed air?

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Re: The Pressurized Air Car?

Unread postby JuanP » Mon 06 Sep 2021, 14:30:19

I see a future for air compressed cars; I've always loved the idea. they have a four wheel one now, too. Here is more data on them at their website:

"FAQ for the Airpod"
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Re: The Pressurized Air Car?

Unread postby theluckycountry » Mon 06 Sep 2021, 17:10:42

I think they would have great application for inner cities, if they can keep them from being squashed by the big cars and trucks. Alas I live rural and I don't know how they would go on a 50 mile trip into the big smoke? It's not the range, the car would do that with a couple of fill ups along the way, it's the roads themselves. They are ok for rural Australia, but might be too bumpy for the suspension on the Airpod. Weight might be an issue out here too, we get some windy days with gusts that can push a small 1-ton car around, especially noticeable when you are traveling at 100 km/h or faster. If the company is successful they will branch out into larger models as they said.

I'm glad someone is developing these technologies but I doubt they will catch on while we still have roads full of heavy SUV's and the like. It's the perceived safety factor, many buy SUV's because they feel safe with all that metal around them. The personal transport system we have constructed is all built around "SPEED" and that was a huge mistake, though a predicable one. Speed is unnecessary now, given that nearly every home has a supermarket 5 minutes away, a school, a hardware. I like the idea of using Hawaii as a test tube, that's smart.
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Re: The Pressurized Air Car?

Unread postby Outcast_Searcher » Tue 07 Sep 2021, 13:14:11

Tanada wrote:
Air Pod on Shark Tank July 16, 2020

Would you pay $10,000.00 for a vehicle running on nothing but compressed air?


For me, such issues come down to things like safety, convenience, practicality, and total cost over time.

So if such things became mainstream, easy to get fixed at convenient car repair places for reasonable prices in reasonable timeframes, then I'd consider it.

Then you get into will they be made heavy enough and durable enough to be safe to drive where large pickups and SUV's are common and at highway speeds. (And I'd want a 4 wheel version with decent weight, and it's fine if it costs, say, $13K instead, if it would be highly durable).

(For example, safety and cost are the main reason I don't have an e-bike. Getting squashed like a bug and killed or maimed or ending up in a nursing home isn't on my agenda. Neither is owning something that's very difficult and expensive both to get fixed after massively overpaying for it.)

So as with so many really intriguing ideas, for me, it very much DEPENDS.

Ironically, that's one reason I have NO interest in owning a Tesla unless things change a lot. With zero service centers in my state, a few or less in the vast majority of states, and plenty of issues with things like parts availability, I have NO interest in putting up with that nonsense, given Tesla build quality and parts durability issues.

When I was poor before I graduated from college, I put up with PURE shiite, literally holding my car together with coat hangers and duct tape and LOTS of trips to the mechanic, just to get around a bit. Getting older, I no longer even want to crawl under the car much to check/fix minor things, much less put up with lots of car hassles. Luckily, mainstream cars have become fantastically convenient, if one buys the durable brands and maintains them.
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