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Texas Governor Knew of Natural Gas Shortages Days Before Bla

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Texas Governor Knew of Natural Gas Shortages Days Before Bla

Unread postby BrianC » Sun 23 May 2021, 08:44:21

Texas Governor Knew of Natural Gas Shortages Days Before Blackout, Blamed Wind Anyway ( ... nd-anyway/
Posted by EditorDavid on Sunday May 23, 2021 @06:34AM from the renewable-scapegoats dept.
Long-time Slashdot reader AmiMoJo quotes Ars Technica:
Texas Governor Greg Abbott's office knew of looming natural gas shortages on February 10, days before a deep freeze plunged much of the state into blackouts, according to documents obtained by E&E News and reviewed by Ars.

Abbott's office first learned of the likely shortfall in a phone call from then-chair of the Public Utility Commission of Texas DeAnne Walker. In the days leading up to the power outages that began on February 15, Walker and the governor's office spoke 31 more times.

Walker also spoke with regulators, politicians, and utilities dozens of times about the gas curtailments that threatened the state's electrical grid. The PUC chair's diary for the days before the outage shows her schedule dominated by concerns over gas curtailments and the impact they would have on electricity generation. Before and during the disaster, she was on more than 100 phone calls with various agencies and utilities regarding gas shortages.

After the blackouts began, Abbott appeared on Fox News to falsely assert that wind turbines were the driving force behind the outages.
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