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THE Natural Gas Thread Pt. 2

General discussions of the systemic, societal and civilisational effects of depletion.

Re: THE Natural Gas Thread Pt. 2

Unread postby Subjectivist » Sun 21 Feb 2021, 23:02:00

Personally until around 1987 I had always lived with wood or fuel oil heating systems. Getting switched over to Natural Gas has saved me more money than you might believe over the last 30+ years because outside of 2004-05 when prices spiked for a bad winter the heating cost with Natural Gas has been substantially less than I was paying for fuel oil in 1985. It was a huge controvery at the time in Toledo because there were two major gas company trunk lines that passed through the city limits, but we were only allowed to tap one of them because the other was dedicated to Detroit. This made Toledo a captive market and we were paying about 20% more for gas than Detroit even though the cheaper line went right through town. Being located at the west end of Lake Erie a lot of utility lines, rail systems and road systems move here from the east and then turn north to service customers in Michigan. This is cheaper and easier that putting the pipelines under the lake bottom to avoid controversy with the local population. Anyhow it finally got bad enough that the city government enticed a new contract for gas from the second pipeline and Voile' all of a sudden prices went from 20% surcharge to pennies of difference between the two suppliers. Since then, which was lets see about 15 years ago, prices have been pretty darn close to the regional average and way cheaper than fuel oil which was common around here before the 1979 crisis and that has slowly changed as whenever someone needs a new furnace most of them have switched. Given that most furnaces last about 20-25 years by this time almost everyone has switched to gas and even those not on the pipeline have often switched to propane which is also cheaper than fuel oil.
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Light Sweet Crude
Light Sweet Crude
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Re: THE Natural Gas Thread Pt. 2

Unread postby ROCKMAN » Mon 22 Feb 2021, 12:29:23

Pops - I think you understand what you're posting: SPOT prices. For those few that don't understand: spot price is what a buyer pays if that don't have a contract to buy the NG. Of course a contract requires buy a certain amount of NG at some specific projected price. Simple enough: if that buyer won't promise to buy any NG they, in turn, aren't promised a low price and will pay market price.

Which jumps to stories about huge retail electricity rates in Texas. Don't buy the PARTIAL bullshit stories. We have an UNREGULATED system here. IOW you cut what ever deal you want with the provider. The folks getting badly burned AGREED TO PAY WHOLESALE PRICES regardless of how high the get. In return they pay much lower rates NORMALLY. Somewhat lower then what the Rockman's nearly fixed rate contract pays...NORMALLY. So guess whose electricity rates haven't spiked up...the Rockman's. Also what I what see little reporting of? Wholesale rates are getting back to normal levels very quickly. Those huge rates were only for a few days. And guess what: If your power was off: you didn't pay those high rates.
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Re: THE Natural Gas Thread Pt. 2

Unread postby JuanP » Mon 01 Mar 2021, 11:07:27

"Russia TRIPLES gas supplies to China via Power of Siberia pipeline" ... rts-china/

"Russia’s energy major Gazprom said on Monday that it had pumped more gas to China in February via the Power of Siberia pipeline than it had initially planned, more than tripling supplies compared to the same month last year.

“The export of gas to China through the Power of Siberia gas pipeline continues to grow. Supplies regularly exceed our daily contractual obligations. The actual monthly volume of supplies in February is 3.2 times more than in February 2020,” Gazprom said in a statement.

The 3,000km (1,864 mile) cross-border pipeline started official deliveries of Russian natural gas to China in 2019. The so-called eastern route’s capacity is 61 billion cubic meters of gas per year, including 38 billion cubic meters for export. Last year, Gazprom supplied 4.1 billion cubic meters of gas to China via the Power of Siberia. It plans to boost exports by an additional six billion cubic meters.

The agreement on gas supplies via the Power of Siberia pipeline was reached in 2014, with Gazprom and the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) inking a 30-year contract. It is Gazprom’s biggest-ever agreement and the first natural gas pipeline between Russia and China.

Russia is set to further increase supplies of piped gas to China, including via the Power of Siberia 2 project. This second pipeline entered the design stage last year, and will be capable of delivering as much as 50 billion cubic meters of gas once it’s finished. Gazprom intends to become China’s biggest natural gas supplier, accounting for more than 25 percent of Chinese imports by 2035."

Russia continues to diversify its gas exports away from the EU, which gives Russia a lot more negotiating power. Russian LNG exports also continue to grow and diversify increasing Russia's independence from the European market. This increases the opportunities for the USA to export more LNG to the EU, which the EU can buy at much higher prices to continue supporting the American Empire at its own expense. Always look on the bright side of life!
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Heavy Crude
Heavy Crude
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Re: THE Natural Gas Thread Pt. 2

Unread postby diemos » Mon 01 Mar 2021, 16:47:00

ROCKMAN wrote:IOW you cut what ever deal you want with the provider. The folks getting badly burned AGREED TO PAY WHOLESALE PRICES regardless of how high the get.

People demand freedom, then when freedom blows up in their face because they made bad decisions or decisions they didn't actually understand, they demand to be bailed out.
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