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Global Warming / Climate Changes Pt. 22

Re: Global Warming / Climate Changes Pt. 22

Unread postby clif » Fri 20 Mar 2020, 22:14:07

I wish we could know if this pandemic is the likely result of global warming,

If I had to guess it's not a direct result of global warming, but a by product of the mechanism of the ever increasing CO2 we pollute our environment with. Open International travel for most of the planets inhabitants. Planes trains and automobiles.....which cover the planet from a transportation perspective.

In the last 2 decades the planet because one BIG play ground for an ever larger number of people, who can move around at will, and many many do. Some for business some for pleasure, or to gather families which are far flung in our modern world. The result is the pandemics have much stronger vectors to ride around the planet. This is a given how immersed most of the planet is, many people from different locations mingling and then going to another place to mingle with different people.

The last major pandemic the 1918 Spanish flu was helped in the same way by the US and western powers interchange, moving troops and supplies to and from the battle fields.

As opposed to an ancient times plagues had to travel from town to town, not jump on a plane and circle the planet in days and weeks. Going forward if we do not change how we travel and then each new virus or bacterial infection which has the ability to go pandemic most probably will. It's the modern travel all over the world that allows this .... SARS MERS and H1N1 to spread as far as they do,. Covid-19 is just at the proper infection to lethal ratio to spread to most of the planet with out destroying too many hosts to break the spread. and new enough genetically so we have no immunity nor the knowledge of which pharmaceuticals will stop it from doing what it currently is doing.

welcome to another dark side of modern life .....
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Tar Sands
Tar Sands
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Re: Global Warming / Climate Changes Pt. 22

Unread postby dohboi » Sat 21 Mar 2020, 03:26:58

AGW is one of a variety of ways that we are rapidly obliterating the non-human (and ultimately also of course the human) world. Destroying 'nature' has consequences, one being the increased likelihood of viral outbreaks: is actually humanity’s destruction of biodiversity that creates the conditions for new viruses and diseases such as Covid-19, the viral disease that emerged in China in December 2019, to arise – with profound health and economic impacts in rich and poor countries alike. In fact, a new discipline, planetary health, is emerging that focuses on the increasingly visible connections between the wellbeing of humans, other living things and entire ecosystems.

...species in degraded habitats are likely to carry more viruses which can infect humans...

...“Major landscape changes are causing animals to lose habitats, which means species become crowded together and also come into greater contact with humans. Species that survive change are now moving and mixing with different animals and with humans.”...

When we erode biodiversity, we see a proliferation of the species most likely to transmit new diseases to us, but there’s also good evidence that those same species are the best hosts for existing diseases...

'Tip of the iceberg': is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?

As habitat and biodiversity loss increase globally, the coronavirus outbreak may be just the beginning of mass pandemics

Remember also that the thawing tundra is releasing viruses and bacteria at an astonishing rate, germs many of which have not been freely circulating on the planet in many millennia, with unknown effects on humans and others
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