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THE Electric Vehicle (EV) Thread pt 9

Discussions of conventional and alternative energy production technologies.

Re: THE Electric Vehicle (EV) Thread pt 9

Unread postby Outcast_Searcher » Mon 15 Apr 2019, 15:07:19

Tanada wrote:If you make a post that references several EV types adding Tesla to the mix is on topic. Making a run of posts about the Tesla giga-factory and its relationship to part suppliers on the other hand belongs in the Tesla thread.

Yes its a judgement call, and that is my judgement.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I try not to mess up on that too often, but it's easy for ANY of us to get sidetracked when arguing about a specific topic, and things drift.

FWIW, I appreciate the topics having some relevance re the vast majority of the posts, and to the extent I screw up on that from time to time, mods -- PLEASE don't hesitate to correct me and/or move my stuff to the correct location.

Folks, given what the mods do for us on this site over time, is trying to work with them really too much?

In my experience, the mods are open to rational discussion via PM, when you disagree with something or don't understand something, FWIW.
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