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The Drought Thread Pt. 4

Re: The Drought Thread Pt. 4

Unread postby Newfie » Thu 03 Jan 2019, 14:22:54

This article from the Economist is on our front page but I thought it deserved a bump here. It discusses the water situation in aindia and China and promotes a book on the same issue.

To my mind it really points to the problem of over population and how the Green Revolution has set us up for a horrible disaster. Eventually. ... -and-china
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Re: The Drought Thread Pt. 4

Unread postby dohboi » Sun 03 Feb 2019, 20:47:18

Beyond Drought: 7 States Rebalance Their Colorado River Use as Global Warming Dries the Region

On Thursday night, Arizona joined other states that share the river basin in agreeing to voluntary water conservation plans. Its legislature approved a plan that helps balance the state's competing water rights with of those of California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, along with Native American tribes and Mexico. The states faced a Jan. 31 deadline for completing interstate contingency plans on water rights; without them, federal officials could order mandatory cuts later this year. Only a California water district had yet to agree.
A 2018 study used hydrology models to tease out what was causing the reduced runoff. It blamed a little more than half of the decline on unprecedented regional warming, which melted the snowpack and increased water use by plants. The rest was due to lower snowfall in four key pockets of Colorado where most of the water originates.

Model simulations run by Keith Musselman of the University of Colorado for a 2017 study indicated that some Western mountains could be expected to lose 10 percent of their mountain snowpack for every 1 degree Celsius of warming. (The models simulated flows in the Southern Sierra Nevada.)

A third application of advanced models across six mountainous regions of the West saw global warming driving the snowline — the altitude where snow falls above, but rain below — significantly higher up the slopes. Rain runs off immediately, while snow is stored until spring or summer.

The results "overwhelmingly indicate" the vulnerability of snowpack to a warmer climate," wrote the authors, from the University of Utah. ... ... tion-plans
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Re: The Drought Thread Pt. 4

Unread postby jawagord » Sat 16 Mar 2019, 11:41:48

Seems California’s climate change induced “1000 year drought” has ended early, made it to 7 years, which would seem to be a “normal” weather pattern for California? Another doomer scare scenario bites the dust, bring on the next doom!

California is drought-free for the first time since Dec. 20, 2011, said the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which jointly produces the monitor with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“The state had experienced some form of drought for 376 consecutive weeks,” the center tweeted.

The state came close to being drought-free in soggy 2017 when it was whittled down to less than 9 percent of the state and then-Gov. Jerry Brown lifted an emergency declaration intended to conserve water. ... et-winter/

Greenhouse gases trapped in the upper atmosphere mirror the natural climatic forces of some ancient droughts that lasted for 1,000 years, UCLA researchers say in a Scientific Reports study released Thursday. ... r-drought/
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Re: The Drought Thread Pt. 4

Unread postby vtsnowedin » Sat 16 Mar 2019, 17:08:17

I did not want to get on the sky is falling band wagon over the California drought and to be fair about it I don't want to jump on "It snowed so it's over" band wagon either. This maybe just a one or two year pause in a longer term trend so I will enjoy the higher lake levels etc. but not presume that it is over for a couple of years yet.
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Re: The Drought Thread Pt. 4

Unread postby yellowcanoe » Sat 16 Mar 2019, 17:30:53

Newfie wrote:
To my mind it really points to the problem of over population and how the Green Revolution has set us up for a horrible disaster. Eventually.

Sorry I don't have a link but my recollection is that one of the architects of the Green Revolution saw it as a way to buy time to deal with the population growth problem. Of course we did no such thing and the Green Revolution has simply enabled us to keep growing to the 7.5+ billion people that we currently have on this planet.
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