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PeakOil is You

Mass Exodus from US Coasts begins in LA

Re: Mass Exodus from US Coasts begins in LA

Unread postby KaiserJeep » Thu 13 Sep 2018, 09:28:45

Rockman, the islands of Nantucket and the Vineyard and nearby Cape Cod are as old as the end of the Pliocene, they are heaps of sand pushed up by the ice sheets, and left protruding above mean sea level 12,000 years ago when the ice retreated. But you can see that the golf greens have sunk 18" below the surrounding moors, irrigation and cultivation for more than a century caused that. The fresh water aquifer is being depleted by too many wells despite of plentiful rainfall, the edges of the island aquifer are being infiltrated by sea water, the beach properties often have brackish well water. Even my center-island well is very hard water, I drink and cook with bottled water.
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Re: Mass Exodus from US Coasts begins in LA

Unread postby ROCKMAN » Fri 14 Sep 2018, 13:29:29

KJ - Ground withdrawal has been the cause of significant subsidence in Houston. On a large scale has caused something of a bowl effect for the city. Not major factor but certainly didn't help with our flooding problems.
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