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On the fast track to doom

Re: On the fast track to doom

Unread postby Ibon » Mon 06 Aug 2018, 07:12:54

derhundistlos wrote:Ibon:

"The irony to own a reserve and share wildlife with folks from all over the world while their travel to get here imperils our biosphere. I can't resolve this."

Sure you can. I own and operate two wildlife reserves in Colombia totaling 1.977 hectares or 4.943 acres in the Departments of Antioquia and Guaviare. I resolve the dilemma you are confronting by using the revenues generated to purchase neighboring properties. My goal is for each reserve to total at least 5.000 acres, which is the minimum size required for sustainability.
Then at the time of my death, the properties will be donated to a well established Colombian wildlife NGO.

Thats awesome. Habitat preservation and creating refuge populations of flora and fauna is like a seed bank. These are the refuge populations of biodiversity that can then one day spread and recolonize former human landscapes when our population one day recedes. In my comment I was referring to something more immediate in reference to all of the air travel required for several hundred tourists from Europe and North America to come down here to experience and enjoy the intact habitat our reserve provides and yet their very choice of flying down here aggravates imbalances in our biosphere.

The main reason for me bringing up this point is that today, no matter how virtuous your actions might be, for example in preserving habitat and providing the education opportunities for folks to enjoy this, you can never completely exonerate yourself from how you contribute and aggravate the imbalances. We are simply too many people and consume too much regardless of how virtuous we may think that consumption may be. Flying across the planet to watch birds is a form of consumption.

Where are your reserves in Colombia? What a wonderful country.
Our resiliency resembles an invasive weed. We are the Kudzu Ape
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Re: On the fast track to doom

Unread postby GASMON » Mon 06 Aug 2018, 13:37:39

Mother nature is above all - she has the power via volcanic events, meteorites etc to wipe everything out. It's (nearly) happened before in the planets distant past so I believe .

One day our sun will die, expand and consume this planet - not on our watch though !!

Just back last week from Thailand, a beautiful but rapidly changing country (not for mother natures benefit). Wife's sisters house we stayed in is now fully air conned, 60" colour TV, internet connected appliances, even the dish washer !!- more bang up to date mod cons than we have here in the UK !!. If you want to see future environmental disaster in the making go to Bangkok !!!!

The four engine A380's I rode surely spewed out tons of CO2, as do the thousands of other planes daily around the globe. They ride nice though - super smooth, and quieter than a 747 !!! Do I feel guilty ? Not really - We are all guilty one way or another. It'll be a couple of years till my next trip - I wonder what changes I will see then ? (unless Trump has made the middle east a glass desert by then and such journeys are beyond my means).

What a world we live in - enjoy it while you can.


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Re: On the fast track to doom

Unread postby Newfie » Mon 06 Aug 2018, 15:18:01

Sometimes I feel like a fish in water. I may realize that my being in the water is decaying it’s environment for the other fish and plants. But I am a fish so my options are limited.

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