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PeakOil is You

Solution? Make a Nuclear Winter in the Arctic ?!

Re: Solution? Make a Nuclear Winter in the Arctic ?!

Unread postby GHung » Sat 04 Aug 2018, 09:15:14

Throwing $hit at walls to see what sticks? Is that our future? Where we are? Where we've been?
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Re: Solution? Make a Nuclear Winter in the Arctic ?!

Unread postby M_B_S » Sat 04 Aug 2018, 12:09:01

Should we geoengineer larger ice caps?
Jacob Haqq-Misra
Blue Marble Space Institute of Science
1200 Westlake Ave N Suite 1006, Seattle, Washington 98109, United States
Forthcoming in Futures, doi:10.1016/j.futures.2015.07.002. This version 20 July 2015.
The climate of Earth is susceptible to catastrophes that could threaten the longevity of
human civilization. Geoengineering to reduce incoming solar radiation has been
suggested as a way to mediate the warming effects of contemporary climate change, but a
geoengineering program for thousands of years could also be used to enlarge the size of
the polar ice caps and create a permanently cooler climate. Such a large ice cap state
would make Earth less susceptible to climate threats and could allow human civilization
to survive further into the future than otherwise possible. Intentionally extending Earth's
glacial coverage will require uninterrupted commitment to this program for millenia but
would ultimately reach a cooler equilibrium state where geoengineering is no longer
needed. Whether or not this program is ever attempted, this concept illustrates the need to
identify preference among potential climate states to ensure the long-term success of
Keywords: global catastrophic risk; geoengineering; glacial cycles; climate change

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Re: Solution? Make a Nuclear Winter in the Arctic ?!

Unread postby dissident » Sat 04 Aug 2018, 16:22:52

This is a pamphlet and not a paper. It does not actually give any procedure as to how to grow polar ice caps aside from hand waving about physical generalities. The author is under the delusion that some sort of polar cap process can proceed with no regard for the warming of the middle latitudes and the tropics. He clear does not understand global heat transport. The baroclinic eddy pump is very efficient at transporting tropical heat towards the poles. This pump is not fixed. As the tropics become warmer the subtropical temperature meridional temperature gradient increases. This accelerates the subtropical jets and increases the vertical wind shear. Thus there is more available potential energy for baroclinic eddy formation and heat pumping.

So the concept pimped by this pamphlet will at best be some sort of running in place without reaching the target state, or most likely will be completely overwhelmed by the lower latitude heating.
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