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Cruise ship Viking Grace to harness wind power

Unread postPosted: Thu 12 Apr 2018, 09:00:16
by EdwinSm
Every little bit helps....This is not a solution if fossil fuel supply collapses, but it helps a little. It is also an old idea (over 100 years old) whose time seems to have come

M/S Viking Grace, an LNG-fuelled cruise ferry, is the first passenger ship in the world which has been equipped with a Rotor Sail. The 57,565 GT M/S Viking Grace currently operates in the archipelago between Turku (Finland) and Stockholm (Sweden), and is one of the most environmentally-friendly cruise ferries in the global maritime industry. With the addition of Norsepower’s technology, the vessel will further reduce its emissions, fuel burn and fuel costs; reducing carbon emissions by circa 900 tonnes annually; equivalent to cutting 300 tonnes of LNG fuel per year. Viking Grace was retrofitted in April 2018 with one medium-sized Norsepower Rotor Sail unit that is 24m in height and 4m in diameter, making it the first-ever global LNG/wind electric propulsion hybrid ship.

ps. The wife and I have used this ferry, which sails past the island we are living on :-D It can be quite windy here :(