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Re: Deluge Thead 2021

Unread postPosted: Tue 20 Jul 2021, 20:45:36
by JuanP
"Central China's Henan witnesses heaviest rainfall in 60 years; at least 1 dead, 2 missing"

"The maximum precipitation in Zhengzhou reached 201.9 millimeters per hour, breaking the previous record of 198.5 millimeters in 1975, according to the national meteorological observatory.

From 8 pm Saturday to 8 pm Tuesday, precipitation in Zhengzhou had reached 617.1 millimeters with hourly and daily precipitation both breaking 60-year records, according to media reports.

The average yearly precipitation in Zhengzhou is 640.8 millimeters.

The rain was induced by Typhoon In-Fa, experts said."

Holy crap! 201.9 mm per hour is a lot of rain! That is 8 inches of rain per hour to you non metric Americans. And then almost a year's worth of rain in 4 days, with even more rain forecasted for tomorrow! Holy crap! I guess the gods must be pissing on us! :lol:

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Unread postPosted: Wed 21 Jul 2021, 00:13:41
by FamousDrScanlon
Central Chinese province swamped after heaviest rain in 1,000 years
The lives of millions of people in Henan have been upended since the weekend in an unusually active rainy season that has led to the rapid rise of a number of rivers in the vast Yellow River basin.

Many train services across Henan, a major logistics hub in central China, have been suspended. Many highways have also been closed and flights delayed or cancelled.

Roads in a dozen populous cities have been flooded. Videos on social media showed residents, their arms interlocked, wading across streets in fast-moving water. One video showed an adult and a child being swept away on a major artery choked with half-submerged vehicles.

From the evening of Saturday until late Tuesday, 617.1 millimetres (mm) of rain had drenched Zhengzhou - almost on par with the city's annual average of 640.8 mm. ... 021-07-20/

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Unread postPosted: Wed 21 Jul 2021, 11:20:10
by Azothius
Terrifying video footage of the flood in China:

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Unread postPosted: Wed 21 Jul 2021, 14:17:10
by Plantagenet
FamousDrScanlon wrote:Central Chinese province swamped after heaviest rain in 1,000 years

That was before climate changed.

Thanks to global warming we are going to see these kinds of large flooding events much more frequently in the future.

More CO2 in the atmosphere means more global warming and that means more flooding and other climate disasters


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Unread postPosted: Sat 24 Jul 2021, 17:48:02
by FamousDrScanlon
Turkey: cars float down flooded streets as residents rescued – video

Rescuers pulled inflatable boats in flood waters gushing through streets of Turkey's Black Sea district of Arhavi on Thursday to bring those stranded to safety.

Footage released by the country's interior ministry showed distressed residents being evacuated from flooded homes. Access to dozens of villages in Arhavi were blocked and rescue efforts were under way - with officials saying 200 people had been evacuated.

Floods are common along Turkey's Black Sea coastal region at this time of year. Last week, at least six people were killed and two others went missing in flood waters in Black Sea province of Rize ... cued-video

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Unread postPosted: Sat 24 Jul 2021, 17:50:50
by FamousDrScanlon
Nonseasonal floods kill 14 people in south and east of Yemen
The storms are not seasonal for the south and the east of Yemen, which is usually dry this time of year.
The country’s northwestern highlands experience seasonal rain from late spring through early fall.
The storms also damaged crops, roads, and telecommunications infrastructure.

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Unread postPosted: Sat 24 Jul 2021, 18:45:02
by FamousDrScanlon
Flash floods, lightning take 8 lives nationwide

Seven people were killed by floods and another one was killed by lightning in 16 provinces, Mahdi Valipour, an official with the Iranian Red Crescent Society, said on Friday.

More than 200 rescue and relief groups are working in 61 counties affected by natural disasters, he noted.

The IRCS forces have provided relief for some 5,000 people, accommodating 835 ones in shelters and relocating 58 others to safe regions. ... nationwide

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Unread postPosted: Sun 25 Jul 2021, 15:57:05
by FamousDrScanlon
The Climate Crisis Could Overwhelm Subway Systems

Swift, deadly flooding in China this week inundated a network that wasn’t even a decade old, highlighting the risks faced by cities globally.

Terrified passengers trapped in flooded subway cars in Zhengzhou, China. Water cascading down stairways into the London Underground. A woman wading through murky, waist-deep water to reach a New York City subway platform.
Subway systems around the world are struggling to adapt to an era of extreme weather brought on by climate change. Their designs, many based on the expectations of another era, are being overwhelmed, and investment in upgrades could be squeezed by a drop in ridership brought on by the pandemic.

The recent flooding is yet another example of the kind of extreme weather that is consistent with changing climate around the world.
Just days before the China subway nightmare, floods in Germany killed some 160 people. Major heat waves have brought misery to Scandinavia, Siberia and Pacific Northwest in the United States. Wildfires in the American West and Canada sent smoke across the continent this past week and triggered health alerts in cities like Toronto, Philadelphia and New York City, giving the sun an eerie reddish tinge.
Flash floods have inundated roads and highways in recent weeks, as well. The collapse of a portion of California’s Highway 1 into the Pacific Ocean after heavy rains this year was a reminder of the fragility of the nation’s roads.
But more intense flooding poses a particular challenge to aging subway systems in some of the world’s largest cities.
In New York, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has invested $2.6 billion in resiliency projects since Hurricane Sandy swamped the city’s subway system in 2012, including fortifying 3,500 subway vents, staircases and elevator shafts against flooding. Even on a dry day, a network of pumps pours out about 14 million gallons, mainly groundwater, from the system. Still, flash flooding this month showed that the system remains vulnerable.

Any upgrades are a can kick, but there's not much choice since the plebs will never accept any form of triage that costs them & few are capable of imagining all or parts of their cities ruined & abandoned in their lifetime. It's going to happen. Look for a real estate rush to the exits in S Florida. It could act like a first domino falling causing them all to fall up & down the eastern seaboard. What does a trillion dollars worth of coastal property devalued in short order do to the economy? There's probably no worse place for Sea Level Rise than the eastern seaboard.

Rising Seas Are Flooding Norfolk Naval Base, and There’s No Plan to Fix It

The giant naval base in Virginia is under threat by rising seas and sinking land, but little is being done to hold back the tides. ... -virginia/

“It’s not supposed to be a pond,” said Joe Bouchard, a retired captain and former base commander. “It is now.”

Rising seas threaten Norfolk Naval Shipyard, raising fears of 'catastrophic damage'

“Every year you wait to make decisions and take actions, the risk goes up," said retired Rear Adm. Jonathan White.

In the past 10 years, Norfolk Naval Shipyard has suffered nine major floods that have damaged equipment used to repair ships, and the flooding is worsening, according to the Navy. In 2016, rain from Hurricane Matthew left 2 feet of water in one building, requiring nearly $1.2 million in repairs. ... ge-n937396 ... at-coasts/ ... k-virginia

That's just one city. Do the math.

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Unread postPosted: Tue 27 Jul 2021, 21:05:29
by FamousDrScanlon
German floods destroy rails and train stations

The devastating floods in western Germany have hit the infrastructure of German rail operator Deutsche Bahn hard. The company estimates it has suffered €1.3 billion worth of damage. Some routes are so badly damaged that they must be rebuilt. ... v-58641992

Better build back better, because more & worse will strike again. All new infrastructure must be Hulk proof - Climate Smash!

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Unread postPosted: Thu 29 Jul 2021, 19:26:47
by FamousDrScanlon
Roy Spencer - denier clown. Almost all of the professional deniers have moved on - damage done. Obviously not all the amateur, true believer, denier disciples got the 'Going Out Of Business & 'Thank You For Your Service' memos. Or maybe they did get the memos, but like Linus with his security blanket, they are unable to function without it. Hey, if the cost of making it through another day requires one to continue to embarrass themselves then so be it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Doom, with an update on the AGW Jacked Hydrologic system.

A Warming Earth Will Bring More Extreme Rainfall, New Research Shows

This month has seen widespread flooding on almost every continent, from the U.S. to China, from India to Italy, in extraordinary events that climate scientists say have been made more extreme by human-induced climate change. The World Meteorological Association says global mean surface temperatures are already 1.2 degrees Celsius higher than the pre-industrial average.

But research by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the UK Meteorological (Met) Office, published today in the journal Science Advances, indicates that most communities will experience even more extreme wet conditions with each degree of temperature rise.

So it’s not that countries will necessarily have much more rain on average; it’s that we’ll see rain events becoming heavier and less predictable.

The research also implies that rather than floods necessarily becoming more frequent, heavier rainfall could make them more destructive. ... d3a813472c

Redundant research, but folks need to get paid eh? I feel that continued research on climate is unnecessary since the humans have proven they are unable to change their behaviour to avoid a threat that could very well end them. From an entertainment perspective, I'm all for the research because I'm curious & enjoy learning, so for me it's a very expensive dopamine hit (I'm worth it). All of the energy/money is getting reduced one way or another. Send another scum-bag oligarch to space (sort of) or build more nukes or fund more research - it's all the same to our Lord & Slaver the MPP. As long as you are doing your part to reduce gradients the Lord blesses you.

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Unread postPosted: Thu 12 Aug 2021, 23:32:37
by JuanP
"21 died, 4 missing in heaviest rainfall in Central China's Hubei"

"Twenty-one people have died with four still missing following record torrential rain in Liulin township, Central China's Hubei Province on Thursday, the latest Chinese region to suffer their heaviest rainfall ever this summer after the torrential rains and floods in Henan Province killed 302 people in July.

Liulin township in Suixian county has been hit by heavy rain since Wednesday, with maximum precipitation in the township reaching 100 millimeters per hour from 5 am to 6 am on Thursday, the heaviest rain recorded since meteorological records began. The town, surrounded by mountains, recorded 3.5-meter-deep waterlogging which reached 5-meter-deep in some areas.

The township organized 30 people to knock on doors or use loudspeakers to help relocate local residents from 2 am on Thursday, as of time of press a total of 450 residents had been relocated.

It is estimates that 8,000 residents were affected by the rain with 21 deaths and 4 missing based on preliminary reports. More than 2,700 houses and shops were either flooded or damaged, including 221 structures which have collapsed, and 63 bridges which have suffered structural damage. Power and communications have also been disrupted."

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Unread postPosted: Sat 14 Aug 2021, 13:56:25
by JuanP
"Japan issues highest emergency alert for over 1mn people as heavy rain ‘like never before’ triggers evacuations" ... ing-alert/

"The agency pointed out that it was “too late to evacuate if the special warning is announced.” The Level 5 alert is considered to be a stage “beyond evacuation,” when residents are urged to take whatever action is needed to protect their lives, such as moving to a higher floor if they are hunkering down at home.

The highest-level alert now applies to more than one million people, NHK estimated.

Another 4.28 million people have been subject to a Level 4 evacuation warning, which is currently in effect for 17 prefectures. While the Japanese government does not issue formal evacuation orders, the residents in affected areas were encouraged to evacuate as quickly as possible.

Unprecedented rainfall turned roads into rivers, with footage shared by Japan’s NHK broadcaster showing a truck washed away in a torrent of water."

Japan joins the long list of countries that have experienced catastrophic floods this year.

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Unread postPosted: Sun 22 Aug 2021, 16:28:07
by JuanP
"'Goodness gracious': Devastating scene with at least 21 dead, dozens missing in Tennessee flooding" ... 234256002/

"'Life-threatening': Tropical Storm Henri makes landfall in coastal Rhode Island town after breaking NYC rain record" ... 234092002/

It looks like it's the USA's turn to get swamped. I rest easy knowing that President Biden is taking care of things.

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Unread postPosted: Tue 24 Aug 2021, 14:44:37
by Plantagenet
JuanP wrote:It looks like it's the USA's turn to get swamped. I rest easy knowing that President Biden is taking care of things.

HAhAHAHA! Now thats funny.

Thats my laugh of the day. THANKS! :-D :lol: 8) :roll:

But of course we just saw similar huge floods in Germany and in China earlier this summer.

No doubt Mrs. Merkel and Comrade XI are also doing an equally good job taking care of things in their respective countries. Yes, Biden is a total incompetent....but there isn't much anyone can do about this now.

These huge rain events and concomitant floods were predicted long ago to become more frequent due to global warming.

I was just re-watching Al Gore's sequel to the INCONVENIENT TRUTH, and he referred to these events as RAIN BOMBS.

Rain bomb.

Thats a useful term.

We're going to see a lot more Rain bombs and the massive floods they produce all over the world as the planet heats up.

Here comes another rain bomb! This time its going to wipe out a city!


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Unread postPosted: Thu 02 Sep 2021, 08:16:07
by Newfie
Philly has the “Vive Street Expressway” which leads the interstate across the center of town, bisecting it Wast to West. Today the Schuylkill River hit a “major” flood status (17’) and flooded this artery.

Here are pictures near my house, a few blocks from the Schuylkill. This is 25th Street and we are at 23rd. There is a fancy new high rise apartment building with underground parking (River One - haha) which is now an island.

The 1869 flood was about a foot higher. Much mitigation work has been done since then, some intentional, some not. So I think it is safe to say this flood is more sever, even though it did not reach the same level.

URL=]Image[/URL] Image

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Unread postPosted: Thu 02 Sep 2021, 17:47:32
by Newfie
Here is my exit! Image

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Unread postPosted: Wed 29 Dec 2021, 16:19:08
by Tuike
Extreme rain wipes province of Bahia off the map in Brazil.
Deadly flooding in Brazil kills at least 20 and displaces thousands, leaving Covid-19 vaccines submerged -cnn
At least 358 people have been injured in the flooding, the Bahia state government said in a Monday statement. It has affected more than 470,000 people living in 116 towns. "The infrastructure damage is enormous," Bahia state Gov. Rui Costa said Tuesday, as images of the affected area showed people salvaging belongings from their flood-hit homes.