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Invasive Species on the Rise

Unread postPosted: Thu 09 May 2019, 23:52:43
by jedrider

Climate Change may not end all life on Earth because, maybe, the tough will survive, the tough plants, that is:

Japanese Knotweed appears to be causing severe disruption to ecosystems and urban, surburban and rural environments as well.

I haven't seen any, I don't think, but I remember battling scotch broom where I last lived. Don't currently have any problems with invasive species AFAIK, but I still see scotch broom on not so near neighbor's front yards. I think I ought to tell them.

Where I last lived, at 2000 feet attitude here in California, the scotch broom were along every freeway, every road. I found an effective antidote, however, which was another invasive species, the Blue Violet, I believe. It is way better looking than scotch broom. Still, it crowds out all native species.

These fast growing plants are also fire hazards in a seasonally dry place like California. The Blue Violet, however, is just a ground cover, which is actually beneficial for retaining moisture.

That's all I know about plants. I don't have a green thumb and get all my produce at the market.

Re: Invasive Species on the Rise

Unread postPosted: Sat 11 May 2019, 08:54:40
by derhundistlos
Thank you, jedrider, for the link to the article on Japanese knotweed. Wow, I had no idea just how destructive is this monster. Where I live, the worst invasive plants are Common buckthorn and Japanese honeysuckle. The Brown marmorated stink bug showed-up for the first time last year and they are horrible. They destroy fruits and vegetables and even corn and soybeans. Plus, they make inside homes to overwinter. Making matters worse, White-nose syndrome arrived into this area in 2010 and the bats have NEVER recovered. I have bat houses atop poles throughout my property. I used to enjoy watching the acrobatic bats during sundown. Then in the span of a single season, the ENTIRE bat population crashed save one solitary bat. Bats are Mother Nature's most important insectivore and with their loss farmers are having to dramatically increase usage of poisonous pesticides.

Re: Invasive Species on the Rise

Unread postPosted: Sat 11 May 2019, 20:26:30
by Ibon
Knotweed vs Kudzu Ape? No contest.

Re: Invasive Species on the Rise

Unread postPosted: Sun 12 May 2019, 00:18:41
by derhundistlos
Ibon, you nailed it!!!!