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Re: Say Goodbye to Sunspots Pt. 2?

Unread postPosted: Sun 18 Nov 2018, 08:50:10
by Ibon
Cog wrote:I like guns Ibon. I'm armed so I won't be frightened. There are real politicians with real legislation to ban guns and confiscate them. Washinton state just turned .22 caliber semiautomatic rifles into assualt rifles. Don't piss down my back and call it rain. I do know the difference. The left intends to disarm Americans. For what purpose, I'll leave to your imagination. I do know the purpose in communist and fascist regimes who have done it in the past.

I'll end this hijack of a thread here Ibon, but you did start it.

I did not intend to single you out. You have a lot of company out there. There are times when you get confronted with something that stings a little to hear. It has happened with me on this site when criticism has been thrown my way. As much as I didn't like reading it at the moment after a few days reflection I could acknowledge what was said and actually be grateful for the criticism.

That's how you grow.

Re: Say Goodbye to Sunspots Pt. 2?

Unread postPosted: Sun 18 Nov 2018, 09:02:55
by dolanbaker
Newfie wrote:Some years ago my parents passed. They left me a small inheritance. With this I bought 168 acres of Canadian forest, $58,000 USD. It costs me about $1,500 USD in taxes per year. My immediate neighbor, from the USA, clear cut his parcel.

I initially bought the land for selfish reasons but now realize that by siting on it, protecting it from being “developed” I’m making a small but positive change to fight “development and consumption.”

It’s one small thing that many of us here could actually do that would be beneficial in a tangible manner. If everyone who blathered about climate change actually did this, sequester land, it might start to make a difference.

Just an idea to move from complaining to action.
And I don’t think not having a good bit of money is an excuse. Someone could start a “Go Fund Me” account to buy and sequester land. Then everyone with $5 for a Starbucks treat could have a “Ethical Thursday” when they donate that $5 to the “Save the planet” account.

I have just over an acre that I use for coppicing willow and I have PV and thermal solar panels, So I can say I am doing my small bit to reducing waste.

But anyway, back to the sunspots. just one tiny (about Earth sized) visible sunspot at the moment, but the trend is still downwards.

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Re: Say Goodbye to Sunspots Pt. 2?

Unread postPosted: Sat 20 Apr 2019, 02:42:29
by aldente