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Chevron buys Anadarko for $33 billion

Unread postPosted: Fri 12 Apr 2019, 16:17:26
by rockdoc123 ... llion.html

A good article explaining how Chevron will expand and benefit from the purchase of Anadarko. Very positive for their exposure to the shale basins in US and will help export some of the technology (Andarko has been very successful in some of the US basins) to Chevron's holdings in Argentina. The one downside I think could be Andarko's holdings in Algeria are significant. The change in government could prove problematic for them.

Interesting to see another large corporate acquisition out there. Chevron itself was responsible for one a couple of decades ago when it purchased Gulf Corporation. That purchase made Chevron who had been very unsuccessful with the drill bit for a number of years a sudden success due to Gulf's excellent holdings in West Africa. It will be interesting to look at the combined balance sheet of the new corporation.