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THE Code of Conduct

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THE Code of Conduct

Unread postby admin » Wed 10 Nov 2004, 19:01:19

Code of Conduct version COC_V2.0.htm as of 1 Jul 2009 2 Jan 2010::

1.0 This Code of Conduct outlines the general policies used in moderating Peak Oil News and Message Boards. Our COC tries to promote the best quality discussions possible, while maintaining the least restrictive environment we can. We reserve the right to remove any post or thread that we consider disruptive or inappropriate, even if that post is not specifically forbidden by our published rules. All of our moderators are unpaid volunteers and are chosen from the board membership.

1.1 Moderators have a responsibility to:

1.1.1 Encourage posters to stay on-topic

1.1.2 Treat all posters equally and with respect

1.1.3 Try to leave as much of the original post in place as possible, if possible, when editing content

1.1.4 Be cautious, think first, then delete later if certain

1.1.5 Leave a comment in the post Edit Box to explain what was removed/edited, why, and by whom

1.1.6 If a member has been affected, send them a Private Message to inform them of the situation

1.1.7 Edit, split, merge, or rename a post or thread when they deem that the overall usability of the forum is improved

2.0 Board Members have a responsibility to:

2.1 Be aware of the policies of the Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use

2.1.1 Watch for Forum Specific Announcements and Stickies: If special rules apply to a particular forum, they will be posted in an Announcement or Sticky at the top of that forum. You are responsible for looking for, reading and abiding by those notices. Please read our Forum Tutorial to familiarize yourself with our posting options and functions.

2.1.2 Select the most appropriate Forum in which to post your message. Try to make sure someone else has not already started a discussion on the same subject before you post. If someone has already started a discussion/topic on a particular subject or article, please post your information in a reply instead of starting a new topic. Make sure that your subject line is clear and will help others understand what your topic is about without requiring it be opened and read.

2.1.3 Use of the search functions of this site increases usability for all members. Use the FORUM SEARCH option in the Menu Bar at the left. News articles can be searched here. You can find answers more quickly by using the search function than by posting a question or comment that has previously been addressed.

2.1.4 Avoid flaming and ad hominem attacks within the regular forums. If you have some complaint, click on the appropriate box in that post and file a report, or, conatct any Staff member. One intent defined by our conduct policies tries to limit "off-topic" posts as much as possible so that the threads stay informative and clear. Flaming and ad hominem attacks are most definitely off-topic. While a small amount of “off-topic” posting is tolerated, our efforts are directed toward the best interests of the virtual community represented by the entire forum, and the topic of Peak Oil.

2.1.5 Add content responsibly. Posts should include these attributes: correct spelling and grammar, as well as appropriate formatting. Threads should be started judiciously, and include correct and informative titles. Creation of a large number of poorly executed threads is regarded as disruptive of the community. You are responsible for monitoring and keeping the topic you posted on topic.

2.1.6 Check private messages, particularly those from moderators and administrators. Ignoring private messages from moderators is regarded as a type of moderator evasion (see 3.1.11) and will result in being banned temporarily or permenantly.

2.1.7 Every member is strongly encouraged to flag or otherwise report posts they believe are in violation of the Code of Conduct.

3.0 The following post content is subject to edit/deletion with or without notification to the poster by the Staff member moderating that post:

3.1 Specific Issues

3.1.1 Nudity, partial nudity, or adult content: This includes any explicit images as well as language describing sex acts or erotica.

3.1.2 Graphic content: Images or text which depict graphic violence or illness should not be used. Graphic detail in text is also discouraged. Do not post linked in graphics/photos more than 450 pixels wide. Instead, include an HTML link to the image. In addition, do not include long URL’s that cause the page view to widen and necessitates the reader to scroll. Instead, use the link tool on the toolbar of the new post screen to define an embedded link.

3.1.3 Unnecessary text quotation: If you wish to quote a post or article, do not quote the entire post/article. Only include the part of the post text to which you are responding. With articles, post a short paragraph and provide a link.

3.1.4 Embedded pages: Do not include embedded pages in postings. Instead, include a link. Posts that embed pages are subject to editing deletion.

3.1.5 Copyrighted material: ALL comments are the responsibility of the poster. Posters have a responsibly to obey copyright laws for their home nation and state. Please do not post entire copyrighted articles. If you wish to reference an article, provide a short, quoted excerpt with a link back to the original source.

3.1.6 Repetitive messages: This includes cross-posting, flooding, and spamming

3.1.7 Unsolicited advertisements: This includes offering goods, services, employment (except within the Jobs forum), or soliciting donations. This also includes advertising for a website. If you have something to sell, please contact an administrator and buy a banner.

3.1.8 Messages devoid of content: This includes posts with nonsense characters (ie. flksdhf). This also includes posts with a single word or only containing emoticons. This includes posts on "why was my post deleted", off-topic posts, threadjacking, complaining about links, unedited reposts, repeated mod evasion, and trolling.

3.1.9 Messages exhorting others to commit illegal acts: Murder, extortion, and any other felony are expressly forbidden. Threads and posts advocating suicide will be edited or deleted without notice. DOS attacks, hacking, flooding, and all other related computer crimes are also unacceptable, and will be reported to that poster's Internet provider. Also included in this is harassment -- for example, encouraging people to call someone on the phone, flood a website/mailbox, etc because they were mentioned in a linked article.

3.1.10 Messages containing only broken links or broken images: Use the preview to determine viability of your message and embedded links.

3.1.11 Moderator evasion: Attempts to evade moderators, including deceptive alternative login IDs, change of moderator edited content, or other behavior that seeks to circumvent moderation. Moderator evasion is regarded as a serious and intentional violation of the COC. The poster will be banned for a minimum of two weeks.

3.1.12 Repeatedly reposting something that was deleted by a moderator: This constitutes moderator evasion. It is a serious violation of the COC. The poster will be banned for a minimum of two weeks.

3.1.13 Link baiting: prohibited. Posts created with the primary intent of directing traffic to a web link are prohibited. Such posts are subject to deletion without notification to the poster. The behavior is regarded as a serious violation of the COC.

3.1.14 Posts of private correspondence: Posts of private messages (PMs), e-mails, or other private exchanges are prohibited. Prior explicit, clear, and affirmative permission from all other parties involved in such correspondence is required for such postings to be permitted. Posts of private correspondence without prior permission is subject to deletion or editing. This includes PMs or emails of posters found on other sites and reposted here.The action is regarded as a serious violation of the COC, and, barring extraordinary circumstances, the poster will be banned permanently.

4.0 Response to violations of the Code of Conduct:

4.1 Violations of the Code of Conduct will be addressed in the following ways, depending on severity of the incident:

4.1.1 Public suggestion: Informal in nature, postings to the forums are meant to guide both the individual member as well as other members. The appropriate response is either no reply, or a brief acknowledgment.

4.1.2 Private suggestion: Informal in nature, these private messages (PM) or e-mails are meant to guide and assist the member.

4.1.3 Informal Warning: A cautionary, informal warning that the member is in violation of terms of the COC or TOS. Such warnings require acknowledgment and compliance.

4.1.4 Formal Warning: Notification that a clear-cut and substantial violation of the COC or TOS has occurred. Such warnings require acknowledgment and compliance.

4.1.5 Two-Week Ban: Member posting privileges are suspended for two weeks due to a serious, clear-cut and substantial violation of the COC or TOS. Evasion of the ban through alternate accounts can result in a permanent termination of posting privileges.

4.1.6 Permanent Ban: Member posting privileges are suspended permanently due to a serious, clear-cut and substantial violation of the COC or TOS.

4.2 Violators of the CoC that have been issued one or more Formal Warnings shall be subject to a 2 week temporary upon occurrence of further violations. Continued noncompliance following a temporary ban are subject to a permanent ban from the site. Whether a violation warrants a Courtesy or Formal Warning will be at the discretion of the Moderators. Temporary bans are final. Permanent bans may be appealed to the site owner and administrator.

5.0 Moderator warnings:

5.1 Moderator warnings are to be respected. Members who choose not to acknowledge moderator warnings, or who show lack of respect for the moderators regarding their moderation duties and decisions, shall be banned for 2 weeks for Moderator Evasion.

5.1.1 Members are those individuals who are registered members of and have posting privileges.

5.1.2 Moderators are those individuals who are designated as moderators by For the purpose of the COC, moderators include administrators, moderators, and news editors.

5.2 Do not publicly accuse the moderators or administrators of bias, complain about moderation decisions, or post correspondence you receive from moderators and administrators. If you have an issue regarding moderation that needs to be addressed, please contact any moderator or website administrator by sending a private message to:

5.3 The staff of this site reserves the right at all times to permanently rescind the posting privileges of any member who, in the sole judgment of the staff, consistently exhibits a posting style that is not in keeping with the general spirit of the site; that appears calculated largely to sow discord among members, or otherwise draw attention away from material more consistent with the overall theme of the site.

The senior administrators: Tanada, Admin

The website administrator: Admin
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