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THE Electric Vehicle (EV) Thread pt 9

Discussions of conventional and alternative energy production technologies.

Re: THE Electric Vehicle (EV) Thread pt 9

Unread postby AdamB » Mon 13 May 2019, 16:36:25

eclipse wrote:
AdamB wrote:The good news being, with Illinois gun laws, I sure won't be moving there. Ever.

Hi AdamB,
I'm watching the video you have linked in your signature, and I'm about a third of the way in. It's great so far, but I'm a little sceptical that the lithium costs can drop low enough, fast enough for where I think the talk is going.

I seem to recall folks saying something similar about oil, back when it was claimed to be running out during the 1970's energy crisis in the US. :-D

You are correct of course, any non-renewable is going to be an issue in terms of cost and availability at some point. Usually not as soon as expected, but it is the very word, the "non renewable" part. It should be noted that just because Tony is bullish on and mentions a particular type of battery, there is no more requirement that they remain primarily lithium based. Solid states seem to be the next big thing. And ultimately I think fuel cells are the better answer.

In any case, the future of personal transport isn't going to be burning precious chemical feedstocks like crude oil, that is just plain stupid.

eclipse wrote:Basically, batteries for EV's, great, but batteries to enable intermittent renewables to phase out nukes? I'm sceptical. Have you read this? ... -disrupted

PS: I'm at half way and he's just covered how long EV's will last. Mind blown!

Something about those lack of moving parts that really gives them an advantage, doesn't it? Running 100K plus on mine, just did the ICE maintenance for the next 100K. Battery still at or very close to same SOC as it was 5 years ago.

eclipse wrote:PPS: Aside from his question of when batteries + solar become 'disruptive' to utilities, when do batteries + solar let us run society without baseload, especially countries like Germany where renewables might be cut 90% for weeks at a time in winter? How on earth do you charge up those batteries for long enough?

Nukes? Natural gas power generation seems to have quite a decent (call it half century pretty easily) future in front of it.
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Re: THE Electric Vehicle (EV) Thread pt 9

Unread postby eclipse » Wed 15 May 2019, 01:57:49

Sorry, not a fan of any fossil fuel given what we're doing to our kids and grandkids. It's time to mass build out AP1000's or equivalent Gen3 reactor until they've perfected the Gen4's, both for the sake of our climate, and our immediate health. Did you know fossil fuels are actually really expensive? Together coal oil and gas particulates kill nearly 3 million people a year, which is about 650 Chernobyl disasters.
This is why George Monbiot says: “….when coal goes right it kills more people than nuclear power does when it goes wrong. It kills more people every week than nuclear power has in its entire history. And that’s before we take climate change into account.”
The health costs nearly double the cost of coal! You pay once in your electricity bill, and again in your public health bill.
Dr James Hansen has calculated that by displacing coal, nuclear power has already saved 1.8 million lives.
Dr James Hansen recommends breeder reactors that convert nuclear 'waste' into 1000 years of clean energy for America, and can charge all our light vehicles and generate "Blue Crude" for heavy vehicles.
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Re: THE Electric Vehicle (EV) Thread pt 9

Unread postby asg70 » Wed 15 May 2019, 19:00:32

OK, back on topic.

Mercedes EQC is on the way. A whole bunch of reviews just emerged on Youtube. Heres one below:
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