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US and 19 Other Countries Agree To Stop Funding Fossil Fuel

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US and 19 Other Countries Agree To Stop Funding Fossil Fuel

Unread postby BrianC » Fri 05 Nov 2021, 09:48:10

US and 19 Other Countries Agree To Stop Funding Fossil Fuel Projects Abroad ( 55
Posted by BeauHD on Thursday November 04, 2021 @05:30PM from the it's-a-good-start dept.
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo, written by climate reporter Brian Kahn:
In a major announcement at United Nations climate talks on Thursday, 20 countries said they would stop funding fossil fuel development abroad and instead plow money into clean energy. The group of countries includes finance heavy-hitters like the U.S., UK, and Canada as well as smaller players like Mali and Costa Rica. An analysis by Oil Change International indicates that the 20 countries plus four other investment institutions who signed on could shift $15 billion annually from funding fossil fuels to clean energy projects. "The signatories of today's statement are doing what's most logical in a climate emergency: stop adding fuel to the fire and shift dirty finance to climate action," Laurie van der Burg, the global public finance campaigns co-manager at Oil Change International, said in an emailed statement. ... 1847995088
[T]he agreement doesn't pull funding from projects already in the pipeline (climate joke, please laugh). Between 2018 and 2020, Oil Change International also found, the G20 kicked an estimated $188 billion to fossil fuel projects in other countries. That's a lot of very recent extraction happening. The lack of financing abroad also doesn't mean a lack of financing at home. The U.S. and Canada, for example, are major oil and gas producers. Without a plan to wind down production at home, the pledge to end financing for fossil fuels abroad is a bit like promising you won't lend your neighbor money for cigarettes while you keep smoking a pack a day.

Some of the biggest smokers -- errr, fossil fuel funders -- on the block also didn't sign on. Those include Japan, Korea, and China, which are the biggest fossil fuel backers in the G20, according to Oil Change International. Together, they account for more than $29 billion in annual fossil fuel development abroad. That's a major lifeline for fossil fuel developers. We also still need more details on the pledge to end funding, including how exactly the 20 countries and banks define fossil fuel funding. Lastly, the world's private banks and investment firms also need to sign on.
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Re: US and 19 Other Countries Agree To Stop Funding Fossil F

Unread postby ROCKMAN » Fri 05 Nov 2021, 11:30:42

Meaningless white noise:

What percent of coal is exported?

In 2020, the United States exported about 69 MMst of coal—equal to about 13% of U.S. coal production—to about 60 countries, and 57% of U.S. coal exports went to five countries.

The 5 biggest exporters of coal are Australia, Indonesia, Russia, United States and South Africa. Combined, those countries shipped 84.1% of the total value of coal sold on international markets during 2020.

From a continental perspective, coal exported from Oceania (mostly Australia but also from New Zealand) amounted to $32.7 billion or 39.7% of worldwide coal sales. Asian exporters generated 21.7% worth, trailed by European suppliers at 17.1% then North American suppliers at 11.5%.

Yes: the Big Mouth greenies in the EU supply almost 1/5 of the coal exported to those nasty coal burners. A lot more then the USA. And about half the amount exported by those climate destroying Aussies. LOL
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